My step of my life was when I

My family owns a wine company in Italy of which we are very proud; it is the tenth oldest family owned company in the world. My dream is to one day have the ability and knowledge to be able to have an important role in managing it. I have been interested in the family business since I was very young.

My grandfather communicated his passion to me; I hope to have inherited his aptitude for business.  On several occasions, I have represented my family: in April 2017, for example, at “Vinitaly” in Verona. All the most important wine companies have a stand at this famous fair. Here I enjoyed helping my family and had the opportunity to witness first-hand what it means to work in the company and the challenge of trying to stand out among many other companies. I presented our wines and approach to other people, but I also went to other companies’ stands to learn from them and see how similar but at the same time different we are. This is the first time I’ve actually been involved in the business. I met many new people who were doing similar things; some of them were my age and I am still in contact with them.

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Now, sometimes we see each other to share our views and intentions for the future. The first big independent step of my life was when I became a border at Millfield. I was sixteen years old and quite frightened and concerned about leaving my family, friends and life in my hometown of Florence. But I am a person who adjusts well wherever I go. Now, I’m learning how to be more self-reliant and I’m doing my studies in English.

 At Millfield I chose Economics, Business studies and Maths as my A-levels, because this is good preparation for what I would like to study at university. This experience has shaped me and given me new perspectives, but I believe that returning to Italy, if I had the occasion to study in such a place at the Bocconi, would give me the tools to further my studies and consequently prepare me for my future job. Although my family business has branches all over the world, it is based in Italy; in a similar way, the Bocconi is an Italian entity with an international perspective. As Milan offers innumerable opportunities, it attracts people from all over the world, I believe that studying there would allow me to create a network of contacts useful for finding the best profiles to work with.The Economics and Social Sciences course would give me the skills needed in order to pursue my career goal. Economics is a theoretical subject; although there are many exceptions to this theory, I have always been fascinated by how consumer behaviour tends to follow a common pattern. I would like to study the main macro and micro economics precepts in order to appreciate economics in business on an international scale.

Bocconi would be ideal as it expects students to understand company models as well as political policies and financial marketplaces, using frequently the tool of research.In order to deepen my knowledge, I regularly read newspapers such as ‘The Economist’ and ‘The Financial Times’, I have also read several books including ‘The Bottom Billion’ and ‘The Under Cover Economist’; this has developed in me a particular interest in the discipline.  I have therefore started to gain the depth of understanding and knowledge required to use my analytical and mathematical skills which allow me toapply economic theories to real-life situations.

 What I find particularly appealing is the combined study of two subjects that is not usually found elsewhere. While Economics itself is the study of how people organize the distribution of resources, a joint Economics and Social Sciences course adds breadth, including the “people” dimension, which is ultimately what our world is made up of. This is why Bocconi is my first and only choice.



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