MUSIC before the song actually appears after

       MUSIC WRITINGStudent’s nameInstructor’s nameCourse codeDate: First SongTitle: Wish Your Where HereArtist: Pink Floyd.Composer: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright.Album: Wish you were here.              Year: 1975.

Genre: Progressive rock, Art rock, Experimental rock.The song begins with a static noise on the right side. Followed by a barely audible notes. Random things happen in the background like music being played, man coughing and in casual manner before the song actually appears after a minute. The Song is an ode to the Syd Barrett the former lead singer of the band who was banned.

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The lyrics of the songs themselves are questions. The music has an ethereal quality, which warms the listener and touches the soul. The vocals of David Gilmour itself is slow as if sang from a relaxed state of mind, behind the pulse of the guitar. It takes time to start in full with drums, piano and bass. The song belongs to the rock genre but of a different styles, it has mix of experimental in begin and progressive in the midst, overall creating a classic art rock. The guitar pitches slowly up and down that creates an interesting tension of isolation.The song though feels like a classic rock song but it is not hard or noise but more romantic and delicate.

It gently sways and more heartfelt. The song creates a hypnotic environment and makes us aware of our very existence. The song creates a contrast with the old and new with a gentle synthesizer and complicated solo guitar resembling the post hippie years. This was different than the music of that time where foot stomping, high paced music where made by the rock bands. This song raises people out from nothing and giving a taste of freedom without being oppressive. The tone and the melody is soothing. This though is uplifting but is a sad and unhappy song and has tension revolving it which has not been resolve that confuses the listener.

Maybe the song remembers the lost friend and wishes if he or anybody was here for them. YouTube link:

com/watch?v=DPL_SV3n7IUSecond SongTitle: Bridge over Troubled WaterArtist: Simon & GarfunkelComposer: Paul SimonReleased: 1970Genres: Jazz, Singer-songwriter, Folk-rock, Country, Folk, PopThe song starts with a folk-rock music that is enveloped in Jazz. The beginning opens with piano in a mournful verse. The music though has an acoustic feel to it. The melody is sweet and friendly that you can hum to. The song is very different than what people generally heard at that time in this popular genre.

Guitar and piano are the only instrument used here. The song supports to those who are in a very dark time and are exhausted emotionally. This song display that through love, strength, belief and faith one can change their life which they are unable to do without this. The song is comforting and says there is always someone who loves us and those are brave miracles happen for them.  The song though is little depressing but still is really nice and pleasant.

The song has depressing music that lays you down but the lyrics have an uplifting feel to it. Soon understanding the lyrics one can realize how amazing the song is. The song has a passionate feel to it that sends a powerful message. YouTube Link:   


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