Multinational and improving upon it in way that

Corporation (MNCs) Branding Strategies in Emerging Market, Middle East region



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The widespread of communications,
more technologically advanced every moment are changing how consumers’ shape
their values, status and how they prefer to spend their money (Byrnes. K 2007,
Urde, 2003. Yu Xie & Boggs, 2006). This is helping to the development of
global citizens who earnestly participate in the universal marketplace where
multinational corporations propose brands to meet their clients’ interests
(Byrnes, 2007).

Moreover, every type of
organization can be impressed by the benefit, functions and definition of
brands (Kotler, P. & Pfoertsch, and W.2007). Firm’s concentrate their
structure, resources, and financial accountability about the brands, the most
important intangible assets in the firms (ibid). Strong brand lead to more
efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage across multinational
operations and marketplaces (Kotler, P. & Pfoerfsch, W.2007. Urde,2003. Yu
Xie & Boggs, 2006). Moreover “development of brands on an
international basis offers opportunities for capitalizing on economies of
scale, developing global markets and pursuing multiple market
segments”(Wong,H, Y & Merrilees, B, 2007).

(Kotler& Pfoerfsch, 2007)
stated that “branding is about taking something common and improving upon it in
way that make it more valuable and meaningful. Brand name is use for the trade
mark of the specific product (Whitelock, & Fastoso, 2007).

According to the Kotler &
keller, (2006) A brand is “A name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the
goods or services of one or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those
of competitions”. Brand is something which people can recognize instantly
by seeing or hearing the name throughout the countries and international market
(Craig and Douglas, 2000). Strong brand can make a concrete relationship with
customer (Ibid). The product may be change but brand remain same (Ibid). The
amazing word is that it is very important to understand the policy of brand
with create most significant role from overall marketing strategy (Whitelock
& Fastoso 2007). International branding is a process of using brand name in
international market (ibid).

International branding strategy is
one of the significant marketing strategies to develop and build Brand in
international market (Hsiu & Ming2011). It is a process of developing the
brand equity target customer’s positive attitudes about the kind of business or
brand (Ibid). Global market changes rapidly so to compete with this market
brand should follow how to cope up with this environment (Craig & Douglas,

According to Hollensen (2007), the
basic purpose of a brand is universal, to distinguish a company’s offering and
differentiate product from the competitors, to create identification and brand
awareness, to guarantee a level of quality and satisfaction and to help with
the promotion of the product. In other word, branding strategies is the core of
Multinational Corporation at it increase the economic value for the firms and
shapes the customers decisions (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2004).

Yu Xie & Boggs (2006), stated
that emerging market can be defined when a country experience rapid growth in
term of economic developed and economic liberalization. Moreover, they divided
it into two group the first one consiste of Soviet Union and China and the
second consist of the developing countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa and
the Middle East. In the downfall of the world’s largest economies and markets,
the MNCs focus on emerging markets for their growth and expansion, is it help
them to make extra profit in the downfall of the global market.

Yu Xie & Boggs (2006), talks
about the three main reasons the firm finds the emerging market more striking,
firstly, firms are ready to make extra profit on sales, being established in a
global market it is relatively easier to find new customers. Secondly, the firm
can explore new similar markets while working in the emerging market.

Thirdly, market size can be seen as
a huge positive for marketing success.

Yu Xie & Boggs (2006), stated
that the firms need to understand the socio-cultural, competitive Conditions,
technological and the economic of the market in order to be able to survive and
compete in an emerging market. Moreover, Nizar Souiden (2006), mentioned four
main factors which include corporate image, corporate reputation, corporate
name and corporate loyalty which have an overall influence on the firms in
emerging market.

In this thesis our aim is to focus
on the emerging market in some Middle East countries, the counties are Qatar,
Oman and UAE. Moreover, this thesis will limit its scope by taking the study on
the challenges and the means of strong brand. The result of this study can be
beneficial for the corporations when entering an emerging market in the Middle


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