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Mr. RidzwanB M is a 34years old, Singaporean, Malay male Muslim. He is married for 3 yearswith no children. He is currently staying in a four room HDB flat with hiswife, parents and his younger brother. His highest education level is higherNITEC in engineering and currently working as a call operator for five years. Previouslyhe worked as a technician but due to his high number of medical leaves takendue to his condition, he was asked to resign by his company.

Mr. Ridzwan wasdiagnosed with type two diabetes four years ago. He used to play sports such assoccer before being diagnosed. Mr. Ridzwan have always enjoys eating and highlyprefers sweet drinks rather than mineral water. His reason for this admissionis due to uncontrolled diabetes related to uncontrolled diet. After Mr.

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Ridzwan was diagnosed with diabetes, he stopped being physically active becausehe is worried that if he sustains any injuries, his injuries will heal slowerand cause further complications. Ever since he is not physically active, hewill meet his friends after their sports just for dinner. He enjoys most isduring festive season like Hari Raya where he will have wider varieties of foodand drinks with high sugar contents. After his wedding, his wife had tried toencourage him to control his diet and sweet drinks but his family would stillcontinue to cook varieties of dishes but with minimal vegetable dishes.

After aperiod of time, his wife gave up and even would sarcastically encourage him toconsume more sweet drinks. He would ignore the sarcastic remarks and continue withhis drinks and unhealthy foods. during his working hours, he always either hiscarbonated bottle drink by his side or he would have a cup of coffee on hisdesk which is continuously filled up. On his off days, he would rest at home,go out to eat with his family or friends. Nevertheless, he always buys a bottleof sweet drinks every time he passes by a provenience shop.

 Based onthe National Health Survey, Singaporean Malay are rank second while SingaporeanIndian were the highest and Chinese the least of Singaporeans diagnosed withdiabetes. Apart from ethnicity, the survey also shows that men have higherchances than women to be diagnosed. An article by Jalelah A B, 20thAugust 2017, National Day Rally, Channel News Asia,quoted a speech by PrimeMinister Lee Hsein Loong in his Malay speech during his National Day Rally 2017, PM Lee saidalarmingly, 17 per cent of Malays in Singapore have diabetes – and one reasonfor this is obesity, which is more prevalent among Malays. Yang, C (26thSeptember 2016) Six-month campaign to battle diabetes, Singapore Straits Time, aboutone in nine adults between age 18 to 69 has diabetes and it is one of thediseases which has a disproportionate number of Malay suffers. These articlesshowed the ethnicity of Mr. Ridzwan posed a higher chance of being diagnosedwith diabetes. Although the Singapore Indians and Chinese ethnic group are alsoat risk of diabetes, the statistic between the Indians and Malays are not toofar apart.

 As we can see, Mr.Ridzwan social background have little awareness and education on diabetes. His family,spouse and friends have no medical background and no medical history ofdiabetes. Thus, this affected him to have minimal knowledge and advices. He couldonly depend on media to gain his awareness and control on diabetes. Khalik S,April 14th 2016, MOH to wage war on diabetes, Singapore StraitsTime, over 400,000 diabetics in Singapore, one third are not aware they havethe disease. Among those who are aware, another one third has poor control overtheir glucose levels.

Although education on diabetes can help Mr. Ridzwan toknow more on how to control his diabetes, his family also need to be aware andgive each other the support to control his diabetes and prevent other familymembers from being diagnosed with diabetes or any other chronic diseases.  Education can be gain through social media,newspaper, health awareness roadshows, health screening and also through eachother sharing experience. In conclusion, althoughMr. Ridzwan is already diagnosed with diabetes, he should share his knowledgeon diabetes with his family, wife and friends so that they will be aware andcontrol their diet. His mother and wife could also help to play their part tohelp him by gaining more knowledge on nutritional facts and maintain ahealthier meal.

 Ng W. C., 19thJuly 2016, How to reduce risk of diabetes, Singapore Straits Time, reducecarbohydrates and choose for wholegrains which is higher in fibre, vitamins,minerals and phytochemicals.

The glycemic index are to slow the spike of bloodglucose level and to minimise snacking as well as weight gain my keeping ourstomach full. Although healthy eating is important, Mr. Ridzwan can alsocontinue his physical activities but to a safe limitation such as cycling,swimming, bowling or any sports that is not strenuous. As mention in thearticle on How to reduce risk on diabetes, there is a positive relationshipbetween physical activity and type to diabetes prevention. Thus, it is alsoadvisable for Mr.

Ridzwan to encourage his family and friends to be physicallyactive. This can build the relationship bond closer and also improves oneveryone health. It may seem that Mr. Ridzwan is too late to prevent beingdiagnose, but this can help him to gain control of his health and also maintaina healthy lifestyle with his family and friends.  


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