Motivation my maters, I am planning to head

Motivation to pursue masters in Renewable Energy….

I remember those childhood days where I developed the zeal for Renewable energy. Global warming, ozone layer depletion, air& water pollution, climate changes and their effects on environment & human life were shocking to me as a child as these facts are deeply concerned about future of mankind. My curiosity groomed into passion, as started to learn on green technologies & practices started surfacing everywhere. I decided to act upon this menace than merely be a spectator and to become a victim. I pledged that I would do something in my life to protect the environment. I am also inspired by my father, who is a power plant professional, having experience in thermal, gas-fired combined cycle & solar power plants. My visit to the power plants boosted my interest in the field of sustainable power generation technologies. I regularly update myself by reading articles on Renewable Energy World, Bridge to India, IChemE newsletters related to Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy markets, policy matters etc. to understand the challenges and technological advancements in this field. All these factors fuelled my interest to pursue my graduate studies in the field of renewable energy.

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Career goals

I wish to establish myself as a Renewable energy expert either in research or industry where I can use my skills to tackle technically challenging and fundamentally demanding problems affecting the everyday world. I wish to pursue my masters to enrich my technical skills, explore new technologies while updating myself with various emerging technologies during my endeavour of research. After completing my maters, I am planning to head towards pursing doctoral research which would give me an opportunity to dig deep into my subject matters of interest & introduce new technologies to the world. I am very much fascinated about fuel-cells and storage technologies, particularly topics related to solar induced splitting of water to produce hydrogen & oxygen, fuel-cell & its applications in the automotive industry. I believe that affordable energy storage will provide a promising solution to accelerate renewable energy applications and would facilitate the process of smooth transition into clean energy. I am confident that your program would provide me the platform to realize my dreams and contribute to the field of sustainable energy.

What I have…

I have an exemplary record of academics and extra-curricular activities. I have received annual academic proficiency award for three straight years and also shouldered the responsibilities  like Sports Vice-Captain, President of Social club in school. I was good at science and mathematics since my childhood and took deep interest in these subjects. I also took part in many Science & mathematics Olympiads to gauge my talent at the state & national level.

During my undergraduate college  days, I was actively involved in various technical, social & sports activities while keeping  up my performance in the academics. I proved my calibre and potential ,while discharging  the roles like Event Organizer of college’s annual technical festival, Alumni Secretary- Department of Chemical Engineering etc. I also actively participated in various social drives organized by College’s social club like Blood donation camps and teaching under-privileged children in schools etc. During 4 years of diverse, dynamic & creative environment, I had improvised on my personality to thrive in more diverse, cross-cultured creative environments across the globe.


Research & Professional Experience

During my semester vacations, I got an opportunity to join the research team of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology- Central Scientific & Research Council (IICT-CSIR, India) as a part of my summer research internship during 2014 & 2015. I had taken up an active role in the project which deals with optimizing the performance of organic photovoltaic cell (bulk-heterojunction solar cell using spin coating technology). This research experience further motivated me and had doubled my zeal to take up Solar energy studies as my concentration in my masters.

Final year project

During the first phase of my final year project, I conducted a solo research article review on the topic “Using greener solvents like ionic liquids in the production of biofuels and its effect on Tribological properties of the same”. Following this, in the second phase, my project was focussed on examining the Tribological properties of Engine oil using different concentrations of TiO2 nanoparticles as an additive. The study has produced desirable results and is in the process of being published in the journal Co-authored by my project supervisor & mentor- Dr. Kalias Wasevar.

Professional Experience

After graduating, I joined SHV Energy India (HO in Netherlands) as a projects executive and am currently involved in developing green-field projects (LPG Bottling Plants & Import Terminals). My job profile also revolves around planning & designing solar roof-top installations for SHV’s green-field, brown-field projects and this  experience stood as a  vital stimulant for me as a  research enthusiast to understand the deliverables which are expected and required for the  commercial usage of a successful  research outcome. This professional experience right after graduation has taught me the necessary management & soft skills required to thrive in a professional environment. I am confident that the skills earned during my work experience along with the technical skills acquired during under graduation has prepared me to take up more challenging roles in future.

Why University of Massachusetts Lowell…

It is inspiring to know that UML has one of the oldest and top ranked programs in Renewable energy in the US in terms of the research facilities, faculty & state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Centre for Sustainable energy is the most attractive thing about UMass Lowell. I am impressed by the research & service projects taken up by the centre since 1987 and would be esteemed to join the team.  As per the knowledge I could gather through various channels & resources, I stand to believe that UML can provide me the best environment to garner my research & entrepreneurial ambitions. With an innate desire to learn & explore, I am prepared to meet the rigor of this demanding course- MS in Solar Energy Engineering. I believe that with its repute, UML has a lot to offer me in the field of my choice.  At the same time, with my prior academic, research & professional experience, I am confident that I can significantly contribute to the university as a research & teaching assistant as well. With this hope and dream in mind, I look forward to a bright & exciting academic career at UML.



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