Mother to Son

By Lagnston Hughes
The poem Mother To Son is a poem about life and how his life was.

In this poem there are no similies but ther is a symbol that stands for somthing in the poem. The stairs stand for his life and in the poem he said it is not no crystal stair case, instead he said it was old a nd full of splinters in it and everything. The represent that his childhood was rough.

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Langston Hughes was a African American who was born in James Langston Hughes in Japlin, Missouri, on Feb. 1, 1902. Hughes’s last collection, The Panther and the Lash which came shortly after his deathin 1967, which is dedicated to Rosa Parks whose refusel to give up her seat on the bus boycott in 1955, but before he died he did lots of stuff like at the age of fourteen he went to Mexico and then New York City, where he attended Columbia Universary for a year. Langston Hughes sighned on as a new crew memberof a steamer and spent two years working his way around Africa and Europe. For his poetry, Hughes drew on a mordern folkand jazz rhythms, the kind of speech and music he heard in the African American community. Hughes’ work, down -to-earth and realistic, pointed the way to a new, distinctly American kind of poetry. Langston Hughes wrote his poems about the racism going on today, and Langston Hughes found himself broke in the city of Genoal, which is in Italy, at the of twenty-two. He was composed as one of the most Famous Poetio statments in the twentith-centrey American Liteature. He wrote a poem called “I Too”, which was about his childhood as a black man. In the poem “I Too” Langston Hughes was speaking about how some people should meditate about things beyond the mudane and worldly. Also his parents were not well macthed.
That is my report about a wonder poet Langston Hughes.

Written by: “me” Jake Boender


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