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Modern day perspective the location of the Territorial Prison seems to be located in yuma. The Gila River is to the east, the famous and fast moving Colorado River is to the north, the town that we all know or live there is Yuma and it is to the west of the prison, and the barren, harsh, and hot desert is to the south and would certainly discourage an escape for the prisoners. The arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad would help to assure that supplies were available and that nothing would be missing. But, the reason for the Territorial Prison being built in Yuma is so simple and crazy. The reason why the prison was builded was a result of political maneuvering by Jose Maria Redondo and R.B. Kelly. These two Yuma County legislators thought that a prison in Yuma would be a real boost for the local economy. When the prison project was approved after a long time of arguing they went to lunch but jose maria redondo and R.B kelly stayed behind and the word “Phoenix” had been crossed out and “Yuma” was written in as the location of the prison. (Source #9) There were 111 prisoners that died in the yuma territorial prison. There were a total of 104 prisoners that were buried in the cemetery. The other 7 prisoners that died were claimed by their families. There was a 112th death which was from pete devaux which was a convict from the prison but he tried to escape by jumping off the train but he hit his head on the way down with a rock and died. There was only one female prisoner that died in the prison which that person is pearl eiker.(source cemetery and prison deaths) There many escapes and attempt escape but the successful escapes were 42  and from inside the prison walls were 2, from outside the walls(as a trustee) were 24, while on route to the prison were 8, in county jail, waiting to leave yuma were 11, while in insane asylum were 4, and wile building new the new prison in florence were 8. There were 138 escape attempts from inside the prison walls were 39, from outside the walls (as a trustee) were 72, while in route to prison were 10, while building new prison in florence were 17, 96 failed to attempt escape, wounded while trying were 49, killed while trying were 8, while attacking prison officers were 31, and most attempts by only one man/ woman was 4 attempts. (Source escape attempts information)


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