Miss motivation when seeking jobs that guarantee someone

MissRepresentation – Media Form Chart  Form Title: “Miss Representation” Topic: Sexism in the United States of America Film Details: Jennifer Siebel Newsom (2011), 1 hour and 30 mins, WFCC Award Winner Main Message: The documentary, Miss Representation, explores how the media continues to under represent women, especially women in positions of power, by dehumanizing and portraying them as objects. Elements of the Documentary Specific Examples Is this element effective in helping convey the message? Explain. Purpose -Narrative Styles Expository -Voice over by Jennifer Siebel Newsom -Explains reasoning for making the documentary §  She was horrified by the thought of raising her daughter in a culture that demeans, degrades and disrespects women on a regular basis -Tells the audience her personal experience §  She speaks about her experience with her coach preying on her vulnerabilities and violating her, causing her to shut down and develop an eating disorder The Expository Styles works best for Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s voiceover as she describes her reasoning behind making the documentary and speaks about her own personal experiences. She is able to convey her story to the audience, causing them to watch and look for similarities between themselves and the director of the documentary.

Maker Jennifer Siebel Newsom   Target Groups Targeted specifically towards young boys and girls. Although, everyone is free to watch this documentary, it was targeted specifically towards young girls and boys because of how easily they are influenced and the maturation of their brains. The media causes young girls to focus only on their appearance, leading them to fall behind on their education and lack motivation when seeking jobs that guarantee someone power. Young boys are often left emotionally constipated by media after being shown that it is considered submissive and unmanly to show emotion. Voices Pat Mitchell                  Gavin Newsom Jackson Katz                 Gloria Steinem Jim Steyer                     Jennifer Lawless Marissa Mayer              Cory Booker Jean Kilbourne              Condoleezza Rice Jennifer Pozner             Dolores Huerta Margaret Cho                Marie Wilson Katie Couric                  Devanshi Patel M. Gigi Durham            Oliver Middelstaedt Caroline Heldman         Geena Davis Lisa Ling                       Montana Newsom                    Jane Fonda                    Susan Molinari Paul Haggis                   Dana Perino Martha Lauzen              Candy Crowley Daphne Zuniga              Dee Dee Myers Rachel Maddow            Malkia Cyril Nancy Pelosi                 Jessica Shamboro Dianne Feinstein           Jan Yenhiro Erika Falk                     Jehmu Greene Lindy DeKoven            Rosario Dawson Barbara J.

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