Microprocessor8086 ArchitectureThe 8086 microprocessor is 16 bit register which consists of16 bit data bus for the data processing and 20 bit address bus for the address calculation.It consists of a word and byte. Byte uses only one location in the memorywhereas the word is stored on two consecutive locations. Double word requires 4consecutive locations. The whole architecture is basically parted into two uniti.e.

is the BUS INTERFACE UNIT and EXECUTION UNIT.BUS INTERFACE UNIT: this unit is basically responsible forthe address calculation and it takes input from the outside world and producesthe output. the program will be bought into the main memory and 6 bytes one ata time will be loaded into the queue and then it will passed to the controlunit.EXECUTION UNIT: this unit is responsible for executing theinstruction these instructions are passed to this unit by the ALU(thearithmetic and logical unit) .this unit is responsible for carrying various arithmeticinstructions like ADD,ADC,SUB,SBB,MUL,DIV etc and logical instructions likeOR,AND etc.The 8086 microprocessor also consists of various segmentsand the segment register. the 8086 consist 8 general purpose register and 8special purpose registers. the 8086 microprocessor is divided into segments .

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thevarious segments like the DS,CS,SS,ES,IP.the Data segment is responsible forholding the data. the data required for the or by the program is stored intothe DS segment’s(code segment) it is where the code for the program is stored.SS(stacksegment) the stack operations are stored here.ES(Extra segment)this segment isnothing but an extension of the data segment if the data segment is full thenthe extra segment Is used to store the data. Each segment in the 8086microprocessor is 64 kb in size.The 8086 microprocessor also consist of various flags.

theyare control and data flags for the smooth writing of the program.  


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