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Matthew WhaleyKelly BrooksIntro to Public Speaking28 January 2018Analysis of Reagan’s speech on the challenger disaster             On this day in 1986, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech that brought together this mourning nation.

After the challenger accident, many people of this nation were mourning the loss of several astronauts. In the midst of this tragedy, Reagan gave a speech that not only brought the nation together, but also let the people of this nation know that he was mourning with everyone involved. Since this speech brought many people together in a tragedy, it is known that this is a powerful speech. My analysis of Reagan’s speech will look for strengths and weaknesses in this address. This speech was powerful Using pathos, or emotion, Reagan gave a strong speech that brought together our nation.           Int his speech, Reagan sympathizes with the nation.

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Reagan used a few lines that stuck out and showed that he was mourning with the nation. For example, in his speech, he said that that “we share this pain with all of the people,” which shows that he is suffering with every other person. Since he expressed his pain, he made a stronger connection between himself and the people. Reagan also made a strong connection with the nation and the astronauts’ families when he named off each astronaut.

As we seen in this speech, forming a connection with the audience allows us to give more powerful speeches.                Reagan is responding to a tragedy that shook the nation, so he uses emotion to discuss what happened. Instead of focusing only on the tragedy, he instead talks about the bravery of the astronauts and accomplishments we have achieved. An example of this is when he said that the Astronauts had courage when they went on the mission, since they knew of the dangers.

Always focusing on the negative only weakens speech. Focusing on the negative often gives audiences the impression that there is no hope for the future. Instead, of focusing on the negative, Reagan addressed some positive things, which gave the nation hope for better accomplishments in the future. Focusing on the negatives only weakens, focusing on the positive gives a much better feel.               This speech is a great example of strong public speaking.

When people are first learning about public speaking, this speech should be shown to them, since it shows the power of emotion and the importance of connecting with your audience. This speech was powerful not only because it made a strong connection to people, but also because how it wasn’t entirely negative. Always focusing on the negative gives the impression that you have no hope for the future or no hope for change. Focusing on the positive in a terrible time allows the audience to see that you aren’t hyper focused on the negative and are open to the thought that things can change. Reagan’s speech on the challenger disaster will always be a great example of a powerful speech, and should be shown to people who are learning about public speaking. 


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