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Many student don’t have a good support system at home so they decide to get a job while going to school. Students who work and study for full or part time has increased from 49% to 57%. As an employed student, one must learn to balance both work and school work; keeping school work as the number one priority of course. There are two important reasons to attending schools, broaden their knowledge, and increase their skill to meet social requirements. In addition to that, there are many companies that want skillful people to employ. Working students could classify into two classes, students who work in order to pay their bills and workers who also take some college classes to improve their skills.

On other hand, it is necessary for the fulltime students to find a part time job, especially for the newcomer’s persons. Three important reasons for work while studying: knowing the economic system, help them financially, and support their studying by experiences.  Having a job while in school also encourages simple budgeting. Earning a few dollars throughout the college school year can be quite beneficial to the students finances. The financial aid is not enough to cover all life requests, so a part or full time job may help to cover apart of these requests.

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Working while Studying can help students to gain valuable skills and work experience. Jobs are available in many colleges campus. Students often work in positions that match their academic interest, skills, or career plans.

Student in ESOL classes can work in the ESOL lab, or in libraries, or any position is close to their professional study.Learning responsibility and time management is a benefit to the student. If you show up late for work or don’t show up at all, someone is probably going to get pretty mad at you. You might get yelled at.

You might even get fired. Your parents might forgive you, but the company you work for will always remember. Working teaches teens that they are accountable to somebody and that there are consequences to not performing. And during the time they are at work, they will be forced to complete tasks on time. They will more easily learn to multitask and manage their time simply because there is no other option.

The most important thing that teens learn when they get a job is independence, something most crave immensely but often don’t know what to do with once they have it. A job may also show them what they would like to do with their lives, and equally importantly it might show them exactly how they do not want to spend their lives. Both are valuable learnings.

So rather than discourage work during high school and college, demand it.Students can benefit significantly from working part-time or full-time while in college. Everything from reducing the amount of money they borrow to rounding out the college experience makes working while in school an important aspect of a student’s college career.  


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