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MailOptin is a WordPress plugin designed for users to easily create email optin forms within few minutes. The plugin is equipped with all the necessary tools needed to generate leads and subscribers, it is built to help internet marketers grown a mailing list in other to reach a target audience, transforming your visitors into loyal followers.It’s been proven that email marketing isn’t on the decline; you even get more engagement and a life time email list to send future updates compared to social media post that get lost within a short period of time. In fact, every successful online business has a corresponding email list where it strives and strengthens followership.To have a mailing list to be proud of, you will need a simplistic and responsive email building tool to save you stress.

This is where MailOptin plays a vital role – in building an email list that doesn’t demand some crazy workload on your part.Unlike other alternatives in the market, MailOptin goes a step further to ensure your email list subscribers, readers or customers are nurtured and constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification and email digest with lots of other automation constantly being added.What Makes MailOptin Special?There are so many things that makes working with MailOptin an awesome experience. Let us look at some of the bragging rights of the plugin.·       There are a lot of beautiful templates to choose from, you can further customize them to blend into your site design.·       You can customize the display options using the built-in page level targeting feature to show or hide optin forms on certain post/pages.·       If you want your optin form to be displayed when visitors are about leaving your site, the exit-intent feature will let you achieve that in few minutes.

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·       Actionable insight and analysis that will allow you track your growth rate easily and know what needs to modified for better results.·       Perhaps you want to export your list within the plugin’s dashboard and import somewhere else, you can take advantage of the lead bank options to export all your leads.·       Every aspect of the plugin is fully customizable and integration with the leading email service providers is absolute. ·       There is a well detailed explanation for every option you will come across on the plugin. It doesn’t stop there; on the official site you will find a knowledge base section that distinctively explains everything about the plugin.·       Premium users of the plugin are entitled to priority support and other benefits in setting up the plugin to run properly no any WordPress theme.

Setting Up MailOptinCreating an optin form is very easy, within few minutes you should have your first optin form ready. For starters, the first thing needed to be done is connecting MailOptin to your email marketing service provider. The plugin supports major email marketing software including MailChimp, Sendy, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Drip, ConvertKit, GetResponse, AWeber MailerLite and more.esp-connections.pngDepending on the type of optin form you want, you have an option to make a selection from different pre-designed templates.

optin-form.pngForm types on MailOptin include: Lightbox, Sidebar, Notification Bar, Slide-In, In-Post and Sidebar/Widget. In addition, full customization options are available to you. The colours, elements, text, borders and effects can be completely modified; every aspect of the optin form can be tweaked to blend into your existing website design.form-builder-builder.pngMailOptin FeaturesHere are some of the features that are really exciting to work with on MailOptin. Exit Intent TechnologyExit-intent.

pngStatistically, over 70% of visitors who leave websites never return because of the annoying popups that aggressively wants to collect their email details.  How is this problem solved? MailOptin detects when a visitor is about to exit your site, then launches your optin form. So, instead of annoying your visitors with instant popups on every page load, MailOptin will systematically get rid of that technique using a more subtle exit-intent approach.

Here is how it works; for visitors who are about to leave your site, the plugin will automatically display a pop-up. It is able to detect when a visitor is about exit a page with her mouse, once this intent is received, MailOptin will roll out the optin form. Exit intent technology can dramatically increase the growth rate of your email list and your visitors will appreciate you more because you did not distract or annoy them. In turn, if you have a good offer, they can freely release their email details to you.

Insights & Analyticsoptin-stats.pngThe plugin has a built-in analytics feature. With it, you can accurately get raw data to determine your best approach in building an email list.

On the Optin Analytics tab of the plugin, you will be able to track number of impression per campaign, subscriber count vital information graphically presented for interpreting easily.With these set of information readily available on your dashboard, you can quickly detect the optin form that is performing poorly and make necessary modifications to increase conversion rate. Display RulesThe display rules on MailOptin grants control to determine how visitors respond to your optin forms. Basically, you can make different optin forms appear on your site depending on the response of your visitors. It is possible to trigger forms only after the visitor has read to a certain page level or have spent a specific duration of time on the page. You can also decide to trigger the optin forms when your customer has visited a specific number of pages on your site. In addition, the display rules can be used to prevent forms from showing in certain post/pages.

Page-Level TargetingThe page level targeting is used to exclusively show unique offers to a target audience. When used smartly, you can separate your email list and create a group based on their interaction with your website.Therefore, you will be sending more relevant email to a targeted audience which will lead to higher click-through rate, increased sales and low percentage of unsubscribe rate.Email Triggernew-post-notification-update.PNGThe plugin also ensures your email list subscribers are easily engaged using its built-in event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification and email digest. This makes newsletter pretty easy to create and send across your mailing list without stress.

Click Link TriggerAnother unique trigger feature on MailOptin is the Click Launch Trigger. This can help you carry out fantastic content upgrades in your site. Content upgrade simply means using incentives to lure your visitors into releasing their email addresses in other to get access to bonus content. It’s like bait, but in this case, both parties are winners.

For example, you could ask visitors to insert their email address in other to download premium contents for free. The download link is sent to their email address while you collect their mailing details from your MailOptin dashboard.PricingRight now, the plugin has two premium pricing plans and a free plan, they are:Lite – Free for access to three optin campaigns, limited email campaigns and templates.Standard – $99 per year for unlimited optin campaigns, exit-intent, sidebar forms, before/after post forms and email support.Pro – $199 per year for all MailOptin features; advanced optin analytics, priority email support, WooCommerce, EDD integrations and lots more.MailOptin Lite version is completely free. Unfortunately, it has some limits.

To get access to more features and options, you will need a premium license.Get MailOptin Lite to try for free or purchase a premium plan on the official MailOptin website.Wrapping UpMailOptin is very easy to use, the options are well described and pretty straight forward. In next to no time, you can integrate the plugin with your email marketing service provider with ease and you should be able to gain mastery of the plugin by just going through the plugin settings page.Should you need any help along the way, you will have access to a well detailed documentation area.

You can equally send your technical support questions through their official site. However, only users will premium plan can have access to priority support. So you might want to consider that before deciding what plan to purchase.Without a doubt, if building list is a priority for you, then there is a lot of benefit you will get from using this plugin. You will be making the right decision with MailOptin, when it comes to email list building. The plugin has the necessary feature needed to succeed in your list building journey.

It is a must have, if you really want to experience growth.   


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