Lord the river. Some guys go to explore

of the Flies is a book (novel) written by a very famous author, whom has won
noble price Mr. William Golden. This book had been published in 17TH
September 1954.

book’s main focus is on a group of young British students that their plane
crushes in middle of nowhere, and most of these students survive the crush.

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They go to island and they are stuck in an island with no adult or no humans in
it. They face so much of difficulties to survive and they divide in 2 groups
and start fighting each other.

they reach to island piggy and Ralph meet each other and they become friends.

When everyone who had survive the crush reach to island, they all start
panicking around while the Ralph shouts out from crowd “shut every one, we all
are thirsty and hungry so stop panicking and let’s take some rest “.

all slept with so much of fear. On the morning one of these guys find water,
and everyone goes and drinks some from the river.

guys go to explore some parts of the island and they find pig, and they get to
know that they should hunt some pigs for food, and Ralph tells that they should
make a fire so that if there is any plane or ship passing on they should be
able to see it. Jack uses piggy’s glasses to build fire.

guys take responsibility to keep fire alive; some take responsibility to go
hunting pig, and some building camp.

the days goes on they see a ship passing, because no had taken care of the fire
they weren’t able to signal the ship and they didn’t get rescued. After
sometimes an air battle occurs and the dead parachute man fall down on mountain.

Sam and Eric see the parachute man who was fallen on the mountain because the
air battle they get very scared that before examining what it was they start
running and they go to the camp and tell everyone that they had seen a beast.

hunter group, and roger goes to hunt the beast. When they see the parachute man
they also show the same reaction and flee from the area.

they reach the camp jack whom was strong think that he is the best. Jack after
having some troubles with Ralph he tried to ask for revote but it never happens,
and Jack makes his own crew and separate from Ralph’s team. At night when it
was dark they the Jack’s team and him attack the Ralph’s team and steal their
knives they also capture Sam and Eric. Next night while piggy and Ralph visited
the jack while jack had killed a pig and had meal both groups see a monster
charging toward them and jack shout there is the monster kill it all boys
attack the monster with sticks and kill the monster. Once its over they see
that it wasn’t the monster that had been killed it was the poor Simon. While he
visited the cave at night he sees the pilot and he get scared and runs toward
the group.

some times the jack team doesn’t have anything to build fire with so jack and
his team attack piggy and Ralph and steal the glasses from piggy. When the sun
comes out the Ralph and Piggy decide to go to jack and ask for the Piggy’s
glasses, while they were arguing the jack’s team mate Roger throw a very big
stone on Piggy’s head and kill the piggy and destroy his conch shell.

morning jack and his team decide to kill the only left member of Ralph’s team
who is the Ralph himself and they put fire all over the camp and smoke take all
over the camp.

see the Ralph all of them run behind him while the Ralph was running away he
falls off in front of his dream a grown up British soldier whom is from a
British warship that had been attracted by the fire that they made. When Ralph
sees the soldier he start crying and the remaining of boys whom was trying to
kill Ralph also see the soldier.

the soldier sees the boys he asks what are you doing? And Ralph tells all the
story of the jack and his team killing the piggy and Simon.

Ralph gets rescued.

 Theme of the story is savagery versus
civilization where Ralph represent the civilization and give hope for everyone
and want an equal say for everyone while Jack is a is a savage and represent
savagery. He is strong and a good hunter so he want a very hard punishment for
whoever whom didn’t obey his order and he want to be someone like dictator.


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