Load Of The Flies

My report is about the very well known book Lord of the flies, by William
Golding. There are many characters in this book, but the most important ones are Ralph,
Jack, Simon, Piggy, and Roger. When I read this book I discovered a great change in
most of their personalities, especially Jack’s. So I would say that they are all dynamic
characters. Ralph, in the beginning of the novel, had a boyish personality. Then later on
in the novel, he became much more mature due to the fact that all of them had to live in a
more civilized manner to get a long and to survive while waiting to be rescued. Jack, in
the beginning of the novel was Ralph’s most powerful antagonist. Then later on turned
against Ralph and becomes leader. Simon is a unique character in the novel. He remains
largely uninvolved with any of the power struggles between Ralph and Jack. He was
killed. Roger is very mean. He killed Piggy by pushing a big bolder on top of him. Piggy
was the intellectual in the group. He complained a lot in the beginning, but later on
became more mature. But, unfortunately, he was killed by Roger.

The novel begins about a group of English people who are marooned on a tropical
island when the plane evacuating them from atomic war-torn England crashes. So now
this group of boys are alone on this island. Then Ralph called an assembly to talk to the
other guys about making a plan to get along and survive. The struggle starts in trying to
make rules for the group to live by. There were many more conflicts through out the
novel. But the main conflict is the boys trying to get along with each other and survive
while waiting to be rescued from a deserted island. There are also some major conflicts
between Ralph and Jack over trying to be the leader of the group.

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I enjoyed this book because it showed me what can happen when people are put in
a desperate situation where there are no rules or social structure and how different
personalities react to this lack of order. It also showed me how much one person can
make a difference.

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