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Life without music is something that I couldnever imagine. It is by far one of the most important and influential aspectsof my life. My life wouldn’t feel complete or right without it. Looking back,it has always been a part of my life’s journey.

It has always been my getawayand is the only substance that brings me peace. Music is not just something welisten to but something we feel in the depths of our souls. It is our very owntime machine that instantly sparks our memory and takes us back to a time orplace. Sweet and precious memories come to mind of my father playing Curtis Mayfield or myfamily dancing to Before I Let Go by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly at a summercookout. My love for music was started by my parents and continues to beinfluential. Whenever I hear the song “Never Give Up” by Yolanda Adams, ittakes me back to my 5th-grade graduation.

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For the ceremony, the entire5th-grade class was required to sing the song for our parents and guest. Theteachers and staff would take time out of each school-day helping us rememberthe lyrics. Although it was difficult for the teachers dealing with little 5thgraders, who could not keep still or focus, it was a success. We practiced thissong so much that still to this day I can recite the lyrics without hesitation.Another song that comes to mind is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Listening tothat song always takes me back to when I was a child and how scared I was ofthe video. This was something my older brothers would constantly tease meabout.

They still bring it up on multiple occasions. One of my favorite artistto listen to is Mary J. Blige. This was bound to happen because she was all mymother listened to when she was pregnant with me. I can recall hearing hermusic play throughout the house frequently as a child. My mother would oftentell me that she is the reason why I love her music so much. In addition to mymother, I interviewed my sister who is pregnant, and she stated that she oftenlistens to music that is relaxing for the baby.

Whenever the baby hears certainmusic or someone’s voice he responds to the sounds by moving around. By talkingto my mother and sister, I came to the realization that music has always beeninfluential and important in our lives. As stated in the video “The Music ofMan”, sound and rhythm are our communications. We heard long before we could see.Music is our form of communication. The sounds we hear as a fetus is our firstconnection to our mothers and is an introduction to the world around us.

It isbeneficial for the baby’s development and it prepares him or her for all thatthere is to learn in life.


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