Leukaemia, Being exposed to high levels of radiation

Leukaemia, it is one of the cancer
diseases that related to blood cells. It sometimes referred to as
(blood cancer) most types of Leukemia happen in the white platelets. These
anomalous cells replicate in huge amounts and look and perform uniquely in
contrast to typical cells. Scientists do not understand the
exact causes of leukemia. However, there are
few significant causes and effects that are contributed to leukemia.


All researches reached the
fact that the causes for most cases of leukaemia is obviously unknown. The
following causes may be one of the leukaemia reasons.The first probable cause
is radiation. Being exposed to high levels of radiation may increase the
chance of developing leukaemia. As large doses of Sr-90 emission
from nuclear reactors have the ability to increases the risk
of bone cancer and leukaemia in animals, and is the same to do so in

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third cause is sometimes exposure to certain chemicals for instance, benzene —
which is found in gasoline and is used by the chemical industry — also is a
reason to increasing risk of some kinds of leukaemia.

cause is pollution that results from Smoking and drugs. Smoking cigarettes
increases the risk of acute myelogenous leukaemia. Also, drugs; Drugs with
alkylating agents, generally used in chemotherapy, are linked to the
development of leukaemia after getting a long-term therapy. Finally, Viruses
have also been linked to some forms of leukaemia. For example, human
T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1) causes adult T-cell leukaemia. 2


the other side, there are several kinds of effects resulted from leukemia,
these effects are as follows; Effects of leukaemia on the body in which they
known by common symptoms of chronic or acute leukemia and may
include; pain in the bones or joints, bleeding and bruising easily
(bleeding gums, purplish patches in the skin or tiny red spots under the skin),
fevers or night sweats, feeling weak or tired, frequent infections,
discomfort or swelling in the abdomen especially in the neck or armpit, weight
loss or loss of appetite, fever or night sweats and headache. 3




kind of effects is the psychological Effects. It is noticed that most childhood
survivors of cancer are psychologically healthy. However, some studies have
indicated that a small number of childhood leukemia survivors were
more likely than their healthy peers to report changes in mood or behaviour,
including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.4

third kind of effects is the cognitive effects. Learning disabilities can begin
during treatment or appear afterward. The affected areas include: Mathematics,
problem solving ,spatial relationships, attention span, reading, spelling,
information processing, planning and organising, concentration skills and poor
handwriting. 5


conclusion, we can sum up the previous discussing essay to the following facts;
leukaemia refers to the cancer of blood. It has few and unknown causes; However
there are some causes that are suspected. Nowadays as  pollution is increasing and the use of
chemicals in various parts of life has increased, people who use a lot of or
are closely in contact with toxic chemicals, radiations, smoking, drugs and
some kinds of viruses, are at greater risk of developing leukemia, hereditary
also plays a role to some extent. leukemia has its effects on three levels, on
the body, psychological and cognitive effects. So People with leukemia are at
significantly increased risk for developing infections, anaemia, and
bleeding. Other symptoms and signs include easy bruising, weight
loss, night sweats, and unexplained fevers. Leukemia can be fatal, but there
are ways of treating and controlling this disease and its effects. People who
develop leukaemia do not have any of the risk factors. Therefore, preventing
most cases of leukemia is not possible.



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