Re: good-self has committed to gift to the

Re: Request for proper assessment of tax in respect of my residence No.

____________, ____________ (with address). Respected Sir, While I am gladdened to go through the newspaper, the ____________ (Date) ____________ under the heading, “Mayor’s gift to the house owners”, I would like to bring to your kind notice that the house property tax in respect of my house no. ____________, ____________ (with address), as assessed by your Assessment Inspector on____________ (Date). Effective from ____________ (Date)is much higher than what it was earlier, which merits consideration for refixation of Corporation tax on the lower side. It is, therefore, earnestly requested to arrange refixation slashing down my house property tax to a reasonable level. I am sure I will not be rebuffed in my request at your considerate heart, especially when you’re good-self has committed to gift to the house owners, as appeared in the above mentioned newspaper.

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