The school is housed in a dilapidated building. Rain water is percolating profusely from the roof and it becomes virtually impossible to hold classes during rainy season. There is no discipline in the school.

Attendance of the teachers and the students is abnormally low every day. Teachings to the students are hardly imparted. The Secretary and other members of the school appear to be most callous and irresponsible. They do not pay any heed to improve upon the primary education system of the school. There is no regularity in the payment of salaries to the teachers and other staff members.

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Therefore, the teachers do not take any interest in coaching the students properly and seriously. Existence of such a school in this locality is only for name’s sake with no tangible benefit to the students at all. I would, therefore, request your good-self to exert your influence with the Directorate of Primary Education to bring order in the chaotic condition of the primary education system in our locality with least delay. Respectfully yours(Your Name)


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