Letter I was assigned one of the

Letter of Motivation I would like to introduce myself as a highly ambitious person who always want to do something useful to others.

In this era of globalization there is rapid growth of business. Meanwhile, travel and tourism is an ever-growing global and international business. In this competitive business era its important to find an effective and efficient way to do any business successfully, it is now an existing and fascinating period in the commercial and economic world to study Tourism Marketing and Management. I would like to express my interest in Masters of Tourism Marketing and management. I have a dream to work in tourism and travel. My country Bangladesh is a naturally beautiful country.

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Here we have many tourist spots. Unfortunately, these are not so organized and fail to attract the local and international tourists remarkably. This dissatisfaction influences me to do something for my country in tourism sector.It is also always dreaming for me to study abroad in a multicultural environment from where I can gain real-life experience.

This will help me in the long run. After completing my graduation, I researched about some country as well as study field. Finally, I found that Finland will be the best option for me.

Finland is top class global innovative country and provided degree is internationally recognized. I believe I can be introduced a world-class research environment in Finland.My passion and training began at a well ranked public university in my country, where I was assigned one of the world’s most established majors to study at my undergraduate level: Bachelor of Business Administration, there has been a world for me with a lot of space, opportunities, and the belief and drive needed to maintain such a chance.Moreover, I have worked with different tourist agency in my country. I have made many travels, tracking with many traveling groups. Every year my university arranges   country tour.

I was the volunteer of our tour. On that time, I gathered many experience about tourism and management. It is very pleasant to me that I was born in an educated family.

I am very proud to have such a family where education gets the priority. In my country, girls are face many difficulties in their every step of life, but luckily my family especially my Father supports me and helps a lot to overcome the problems around me. He always wants that I should explore myself from where everyone can treat me as a person. He spreads the dream in my eyes.My first accomplishment is to get scholarship based on outstanding result in both of my SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination. In my country, the education board Bangladesh declared scholarship in each year for achieving tremendous grade in public examination like SSC and HSC. There are a few students who get the scholarship and I was one of them.Secondly, I was successfully set up my identity and was governing rules of organization as a vice president of a cultural organization ‘ORKO’ in the university I was actively participating in programs organized by the club which involved dancing and reciting.

This was a great achievement for me because I made difference in the managerial function of the club and made people connect through my performance.Furthermore, I worked as cultural secretary of ABS (Association of Business Studies) and Finance secretary of Business Studies Welfare Fund (BSWF).I have excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication in Bengali (Mother Tongue) and English. I have also familiar with all operating systems, Microsoft office suit and familiar application software packages. I think my previous studies are enough to support to study in this program very much.

However, I will try to my level best to improve my lacking. It is very much helpful for me and my family if I get any scholarship.My academic qualifications and experiences tied to my future hopes make this program the best option to promote me with knowledge-based study and give me the confidence to work in local and global contexts. At last, I would like to thank you for reading my letter of intent and for your time and consideration.I would like to make my research proposal on “Tourist behavior”. If I get an opportunity to study in Tourism Marketing and Management I will work on this field.                                            Now a days The tourism industry is considered one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. It forms a very important part of the service sector strongly influencing the economy.

To develop its current status it is largely dependent on tourist’s travel decisions which are reflected in travel behavior. Tourist behavior is very important and complex issue in tourism marketing this behavior is the result of communication between certain personal and environmental factors. The knowledge about travel behavior play an important role in tourism marketing. So, it can be said that having adequate knowledge of tourist behavior and strategies can be improved to increase the demand for tourism. Tourist shows certain behavior before during and after traveling.

There are some influencing factors like attitude, motivation to tourist, environment etc. This is the era of technology. Tourist behavior has changed with the modern communication tools such as internet, mobile devices, social networks ect. So now its need to more concern about tourist behavior.In addition to this, after completing my master’s degree I would like to involve some research project and I will try for a PhD degree in this field. At last, I would like to thank you for reading my letter of intent and for your time and consideration.



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