Johnny the negative effects of illegal prostitution to

Johnny JohnsonLogicLegal Prostitution vs. Illegal ProstitutionJohnny JohnsonIt is rather odd to think of how the oldest profession is being found as somethingof a harmful nature, which must be illegal. But legal prostitution is seen by a rather largenumber of individuals to have a negative effect on today’s society. These are the peoplewho are forcing women into illegal prostitution, which is far more destructive, due tomany factors.

In the following paragraphs, I am going to compare and contrastlegal and illegal prostitution, in hope of sharing the possible benefits of legal prostitution.It is important I first discuss the negative effects of illegal prostitution to help the viewerhave a better perspective of how legal prostitution can actually have a positive impact onsociety.Illegal prostitution is a common occurrence in most big cities. The major problemwith non-legal prostitution is where it usually occurs. Prostitution is often found in theslums of big cities, where many of the young women feel forced into the professionbecause of hard economic conditions. A large percentage of the women are sadly hookedon drugs and end up trading sex to get high. If the poverty and the drug life are not badenough, the women also get to look forward to their pimp, who will abuse them if theydon’t return with a suffice amount of money.

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The knowledge of sexually transmitteddiseases is of extreme importance when it comes to such a topic. The sexual activitiestaking place in these areas are not regulated and although a good number of the womencarry condoms, they are by no means protected. Many of the ladies will except extramoney to allow the customers to have sex condom free. Rape is a harsh and brutal act,which is a common occurrence in street prostitution, where the women have no protectionfrom either the man or the diseases he might be carrying. The women are also a danger tothe men by carrying diseases they have possibly picked up from prior customers.Prostitutes get arrested quite often, but are let out to be an illegal prostitute for anotherday. Illegal prostitution is a major problem needing some sort of remedy.

It is time todiscuss the reasoning behind why legal prostitution is the needed remedy to this particularproblem.Legal prostitution is being practiced in many other countries as well as a small areaof our own country. In Nevada there are places set up to provide legally solicited sex,which are known as brothels.

Brothels are the major difference between illegal and legalprostitution. Brothels handle prostitution in a business-like manner. The women are themerchandise brothels have to offer. Like any other type of business the merchandise isprotected. Bodyguards are hired to watch over the women and react if any problems takeplace.

The women also have better protection through strict enforcement of condom useand the ladies are tested for venereal diseases as well. As far as drug problems go, brothelsdo not provide the same kind environment where sex can be traded for drugs. Not to sayall the women in legal prostitution are drug free, but it is far less of a problem. The ladieshappen to have better living conditions than a streetwalker does. They make actual livesaside from the profession they take part in.

These women, for the most part, live in nicehomes and lead healthy lives. They have been given a chance to make enough money topull themselves out of their poverty stricken neighborhoods. It must be kept in mind, mostof the women do not want to be prostitutes, but feel they are forced into it because oftheir poor economic conditions. It is important to touch on the whole idea of how thisaffects today’s society.Numerous amounts of people believe legal prostitution is wrong, but they mightnot understand how their belief is forcing women into illegal prostitution.

In SanFrancisco, illegal prostitution is a major problem for the authorities. Many of the officersbelieve there should be a legal form of prostitution. Their reasoning behind this belief isthat the women will be in a safer environment where there is far less drug problems andthe police will not have the constant burden of arresting females who are going tocontinue to do what they are doing, regardless of police actions. Sexually transmitteddiseases are a major concern for the women as well as the men and should be a majorreason why legalized prostitution should be pushed.

Brothels simply provide a saferenvironment for the people involved and protection for society as well. There are peoplewho understand this problem will not just go away, so some kind of a safer form must beprovided. The only possible remedy in many eyes is the legalization of prostitution, whichwill take place in designated areas. So we come to find illegal prostitution as a problem in need of a remedy. It is nowapparent of how much legalized prostitution can in fact clean up a society in need.

Beingable to provide a cleaner environment for the women involved is important. It is a simplefact prostitution is not going away because it is illegal. In understanding this concept,people must realize something has to be done to help relieve the problems caused byillegal prostitution. The women can actually have safer lives, but it all depends on the lawsofficials feel are best for society.

They should just think of all the extra drugs and sexuallytransmitted diseases running rampant all over the U.S. Now if legalizing prostitution is away of lowering these annual statistics, it seems ignorance is the only thing standing in theway. Economic hardships are not by choice, but rather something many women findthemselves stuck in. If these ladies feel pushed to prostitution, it is clear they are making atough decision in life and should have some kind of legalized protection. By the way, it isonly the oldest known profession.Legal Issues


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