Learn, my boss. Small tip, start off with

Learn, Practice and Promote Emotional Intelligence – There is noexcuse for leaders in the this century to dismiss the value of emotional literacyand competency.

Fear’s an easy and simple emotional response to prompt – thecheap seat in the house.   Inspiring andinfluencing others through passion, enthusiasm and courage should be the truecalling for leaders.In a fear-based work environment, everyone is focused on theirdaily goals. They have to be because if they miss a goal, they fear losingtheir job. Employees won’t interact much with each other and keep things to themselves.People want to follow rules and avoid the blame.

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Collaborating, having fun or experimentingdo not make the list. The only mission employees focus on is “Don’t screwup!” There are several ways that managers can use to deal with or eliminatefear. Few of which I faced while working areCommunicate, communicate, and then communicateagainCommunication not only withdraws fear from an organization butalso helps in building trust. Once the trust is built the work flow becomeseasier and colleagues develop better idea for the company’s future. Communicationis the key to withdraw the age gap between senior and lower level staff. Forinstance I remember about myself when I joined a new organization.

I feared alot when I had to go up to my boss with an issue regarding a project. I used toconsult them with my supervisor and he used to tell him my ideas later. I washardly praised for my work. So after a month I decided to go directly and speakup to my boss. Small tip, start off with a joke. Is your workplacehighly competitive?In today world competition is everything. Since childhood wehave been told to finish in top 3. So why stay behind when it comes to work.

Ina vastly competitive work environment fear is easy to see. Competition between staffscreates concern, abolishing trust and setting off a chain reaction of negative performancethat can have a negative outcome on the total culture of the business. Training In order to overcome thisemployees should be given training for newly developed software’s in the marketfor eg at my first job I had no idea how to use any of the designing tool likerevit, autocad, dialux etc.

My first week was miserable. I consulted my HR,they told me about the training programs offered by the firm, and so I stayedback for a couple of weeks and learnt my way in.  


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