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LaQueria GuildLindssay WinfieldEnglish IIIDecember 12, 2017Education Technology In most schools, there is a smartboard in every classroom. Both students and teachers use technology in school for academic purposes. Some may say that technology blocks students’ learning or can cause isolation. Students should be allowed to use technology in classrooms because it widens students learning range and also it is quicker access to outside sources. Terry Heick states that “Now “technology” seems all lumped together, the iPads with YouTube with social media with mobile learning.” Although it may seem as a bad thing mobile learning can also be a good thing. Technology should not replace teachers. Its main use is to enable students to learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities. Technology has to improve the learning process and aim at improving students”s grades. Its helps students get a better understanding on topics and can learning more things beyond what a teacher can teach them.StatisticsStatics show that educational technology hashave made students’ learning easier. Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students. When teachers effectively integrate technology into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content experts, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Some might argue that upgrading equipment is too costly and schools may not have the finances to handle the equipment. The Technology Thought Staff explained that “Likewise, new hires may be necessary for teaching students how to use the newer digital media, yet another expense to the school.” Technology is always changing and improving. Every year there is a new software update designed to help students learn more in better ways. The cost of have a smartboard in every classroom or a COW in every classroom can put a school in debt or spend money they do not have. Education technology have also improved the graduation rate. More students are now graduating from high school because they have a better understanding of the curriculum and what is being taught.  This graph shows as time went on the graduation rate increased because technology have improved.In conclusion technology in the classroom is not a bad thing. It help student stay focused and also understand more. It benefits both teachers and students because it is easier access to new information. Works CitedCox, Janelle. Benefits of Technology in the Classroom. TeachHub Wantulok, Tyler. How Important is Technology in Education? Pine Cove Consulting.  February 12, 2015Mata, Willie. The Importance of Technology in the Classroom. Centre Technologies March 25, 2015Ramey, Karehka. Why is it Important to Use Technology in the Classroom. Use of Technology November 6, 2012


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