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Lapo FabbriSocial studies17/1/2018How did the invention of U-boats affect war at sea?Many different technologies were created during WW1 but one invention that stands out the most for the war at sea is the German U-boats. During WW1 many advanced technologies were created and for that there were a lot more deaths and new deadly weapons that opposing nations did not have. With all of the advancements the war ships became faster and more powerful. Even new types of communication underwater were created.U-boats were first created by the germans in WW1 and they were used to take down merchant ships of opposing nations.

Also U-boats were very efficient in naval battles because they used new technologies such as radar and underwater torpedos. U-boats were a type of submarine because they went under water and they were not visible to passing ships. The first U-boat called brandtaucher sank to the bottom of the ocean in february 1851. However U-boats showed their strength in 1915 by stopping allies support by a sinking two of their battleships in the Gallipoli campaign. They were very successful initially until ships began to be escorted with other battleships. U-boats were really terrifying as they sunk over 5,000 ships which amounts to 13 million tons of ships .

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    The atlantic U boat campaign was a very long conflict between german and allied forces. These battles took place in the seas of british isles and the north sea by the coast of france. U-boats targeted the merchant ships because they wanted to cut all the supplies and resources for the british. U -boats in WW1 caused a lot of problems for the other nations because they were so advanced and they made it very difficult for the other nations to restock.Another new generation of ships were called dreadnoughts. They also became an important advancement in WW1 because of the new weapons that struck enemies in sea battles.

Dreadnoughts were also called castle of steel because of their size and new technological advancements to the boats. This showed how warships became faster and more powerful. Scientist created new listening devices for submarines and ships. The listening devices worked through radio waves and they were able to detect if enemies were nearby.

So because of this, submarines could locate and then sink other submarines and ships far from ports. WW1 was mostly fought on land, however this could not have happened without the movement of ships. Ships brought most of the food,weapons people etc.

.U-boats in WW1 were really successful. They affected war at sea because they were advanced and caused a lot of problems for their enemies for example the british. U-boats were very terrifying for the british because they sank many ships, some carrying supplies like weapons,food and


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