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     King Abdul-AzizUniversityFaculty of Economic And AdministrationsLeadership – BUS 426  ID Name 1423531 Mawada saleh   1423300 Sara yusef 1421755 Wala albogam 1507731 Raghad Ahmed al-marashi    CLASSInstructor : Dr. Francesca  IntroductionLeadership is one of the most common characteristic ,it’s basically mean the ability to lead a group of people or employees or teammembers  and influence them to do bestwhat can they do . Leading a group is not an easy task , to be a leader ittakes time to improve that skill In the personality . ?what is meantto be a leader? Leaders to be a person assigned to the work team and caninfluence them positively in persuasion and the leader to achieve the goals bypersuasion without cruelty or control. The leader is someone who tries toinfluence people positively and guide them to achieve the desired goal.Leadership behavior is not limited to people who work in organizations may bethe leader of the father who leads his family to organize a trip or may be theteacher that leads its students. A successful leader is a leader who succeedsin influencing people and achieving goals and the ability to motivate people towork.

The leadership is a source of interaction betweenemployees and the plans of the organization and future plans. The leadershiphas many benefits and a great impact on the performance of these benefits.Improve the work environment and make it a comfortable and efficientenvironment through sharing information and experiences among the employees.Also improve the performance of employees and make them more effective andefficient and enable them to solve problems. In addition to that the leadershipenables the leader to increase control and to implement plans and strategiesand accomplish tasks with effective results and satisfactory and more accurate.It is important that leadership motivates employees to work and make them putmore efforts and work as owners as they work for their personal goals, whichmakes the completion of the task faster with the best results..In order to achieve the benefits of leadershipsuccessfully, the leader must enjoy the qualities of the first of these qualities,the ability of the leader to organize his work time accurately.

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Second, he hasthe ability to anticipate the future vision because the successful leader cansee what others do not see. He must also have great confidence in his abilitiesand ability to develop the correct and thoughtful plans. Moreover, thesuccessful leader enjoys social intelligence, as he has the ability tocommunicate with others, communicate ideas, be a good listener, and skillfulinterlocutors to convince them of his ideas. The leader should be an educated,highly educated person who always seeks to educate and develop himself. Theleader must have a commitment to the plans as he does not carry out plans orpromises that he can not implement or delay.

He also has a moral obligation inwhich the successful leader takes into account his principles, values andindividuals norms.Some believe that the leader and manager have the samemeaning and function but in fact there is a difference between the leader andthe manager.The manager is the person who deals with the workers in a strictsystem and the employees must accept this system with its advantages anddisadvantages. In addition, the manager uses the system of the president andthe subordinate and depends on the laws and regulations to organize the work.He also focuses more on plans, strategies and timetables. On the other hand,the leader is the person who deals with the workers with the participation ofthe crews and the agreement between the employees and the views of the workersand does not depend on the laws and policies as well as he tries to deviseplans and ways to solve problems and has the judgment in dealing andparticipation of workers in the work. Leader Overview The female leader which we nominated in our research is one of Economics and Administration Faculty member , she is Nadia Awad Mahmoud Abdul Ghaffar . She got General Specialization Environmental Management from University of Portsmouth UK .

she has Leading managerial experience as a Supervisor of the Management Information Systems Department also , Part-time consultant in the Community Service and Training Unit ,Vice President of Committee for the Development of Organizational Structure and Career Track in the Presidency. She love helps students and gives tips for who’s need and answering their questions about the study or even about job market also she tray to motivate depressed student and promote them to achieving their targets . Moreover , she is Collaborator and flexible with her student’s .  Methodology The group member was searching about a female Saudi leader andafter searching, we agree to choose Dr.Nadia abdulgaffar as a leader and she isa doctor in king Abd Al-aziez university . We chose Dr. Nadia because for whatwe have seen during this semester she have a great way in coaching, leading,special personality characteristics and strong charisma. The interview tookapproximately one hour in her office, consists of 13 questions .

The questionsinclude multiple aspects of this leader like the achievements , what is styleshe use it , her philosophy and how she make leader decision. the mostimportant decisions taken and other important points will be analyzed later . Findings  Inthe beginning we asked dr.Nadia about her style in leadership and we found herfavorite style that she respect each employee,deal with open door policy ,giving the task to the employee and make it work in his own way by theinitiative and research to return interest on this employee which is learningand acquiring a new thing  rather  than giving it and restricting.This style called supportive leadership which the leader who is friendly andgiving them respect and make the work environment pleasant . The second point we discussed is about herphilosophy in leading other she told us that her philosophy is Participation bygiving the employees respect and some area they can share with me with the showand recognition that employees have the good skills and abilities and encouragement. Her philosophy we consider it as participative leadership where there leaderwho invites employees to share , consults , seek to there ideas and opinions.

 Also, her favorite leader is  Muhammad( ??????? ???? ???? ) The best of mankind and the leader of the nation. On otherhand she think that the leadership has strong effect on other and theirproductivity  .In general leadership have a strong effect on employeesproductivity’s  because when our employee works in an environment based onguidance, participation, coordination, motivation and training. Ultimately, wewill reach the desired results of productivity and high efficiency themost important decisions was taken by dr.  Nadia as  a leader in herposition was  to work as Advisor in the protection of meteorology andenvironment and she worked with them for 3 years .What about her opinion in if the leader could have impact on followers she said  Of coursebecause sometimes we see a good employees but without effective leadership theresult will be negative  also the leadership depends on type of employee,status and decision taken. Also , all leader face situational factors butbut we try to separate a good leader is able to focus on his tasks even inthe most difficult times .

These days I face situational factor which isthe death of Dr. Nisreen, who was really affected by it because it was workingwith me and we was is close friend to each other . We asked her about heropinion if she think there are any barriers face a women leader in Saudiculture and she never feel that and she don’t think because it’s depend on theleader himself like before i went to the protection of meteorology andenvironment i change there negative view about Women worked with them becausethey have a previous negative experience . Sometimes people think that manbetter than women do as leader but this not true because the leadership dependson the situation and people. There is no different between man and womanfinally the personality of the leader and his knowledge, experience and how todeal with different situation and people are the main thing regardless ofgender.

The way that used by Dr. Nadia to encourage the team toward the corevalues by giving the opportunity, Self prove and Research and Innovation. Also,we would know if her career added to her personality as a leader she answered yes but she think the leadership can come in Two forms : acquired orinnate , she considered her leadership as innate also ,work ,experience ,different environments and positions have had a role and are considered sourcesof maturity a good leader who assess himself because in this way he willimprove. Dr Nadia loves to learn and acquire new knowledge, has a strongambition as well as she has an independent personality, depends on it andvery rational. Also for some accomplishments in leadership: now in theprotection of meteorology and environment they accept the idea to recruitwomen, Strategy in recruitment ,strategy in environmental awareness andStrategy in organizational structure also the different  positions in theuniversity that I worked in Different positions , environment , peoplemake you learn something new and in  this way you can develop yourself.Conclusions and recommendations In conclusion, there are a lot ofsuccessful Saudi women leaders. They adopted different leadership styles withhigh ability to lead and handle high job positions.

Our example Dr.NadiaAbdulghaffar is one of these successful Saudi women leaders. She has her owneffective leadership style. She achieved a lot of accomplishments as asuccessful and effective leader. Which clearly show how much the Saudi cultureis an encouraging culture to any woman see herself as a leader. Moreover, werecommend companies located in Saudi Arabia to give more opportunities forSaudi women to occupied different jobs including high job positions. Inaddition, we recommend other researchers to do such research with more thanone-woman leader in Saudi Arabia to increase the number of samples and improvethe research outcomes.

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