ii. and Measures Act s iii. Consumer Protection

ii. Promotion and protection of the economic interests of consumers iii. Consumer access to information that will help them make informed choices iv. Educating consumers on environmental, social and economic impacts of consumer choice v. Availability of effective consumer redressal vi.

Freedom to form consumer organizations and groups vii. Promoting sustainable consumption patterns

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Who Can Complain?

In the case of a product or service delivered that is not satisfactory, the following can lodge a complaint: i. A recognized consumer forum, whether or not the consumer is a member. ii.

The consumer to whom the goods and services are sold or delivered. iii. One or more consumers with the same complaint. iv.

The Central or State government.

Important Indian Legislations:

A number of legislations have been set up by the Government of India to regulate the production, supply, distribution, quality and price of a number of goods and services. The government has the right to control the terms and conditions of sale as well as the nature of trade and commerce. A number of laws have been set up by the government for the same: i. Indian Standards Institute Certification Act ii. Standard Weights and Measures Act s iii. Consumer Protection Act iv.

Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 v. Essential Commodities Act vi. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act vii. Sale of Goods Act


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