Julius Caesar – Mark Antony

Mark Antony
It is human nature to change ones personality to fit the situation. People behave differently when speaking to a dignitary that when talking to a friend. Over time one can change due to a loss or gain of power, sometimes for the better or worse. In Julius Caesar, for example, Mark Antony goes through several changes. Mark Antony loved Julius Caesar, yet when he passed away Mark Antony swears vengeance, and ultimately is corrupted by the power of running a country.

At the beginning of the play Antony is harmless and extremely loyal to Julius Caesar. Mark Antony is about to run a race, but When Caesar says Do this, it is performed. It is almost as if Mark Antony is only a puppet to Julius Caesar. He is being respectful of his leader, yet it seems as if he is fearful of him. While Caesar does not realize Mark Antonys potential, Brutus underestimates him. Brutus refers to Rome as a body and Caesar as the head, yet To cut the head off and then hack the limbs would be killing Mark Antony. If the head of something was shot, there is no need to try to shoot the heart. Julius Caesar is concerned about his well-being, for good reason. Casca has been speaking in low tones and Caesar would Have men about me that are fat because he feels that they can be trusted easier. Caesar trusts Mark Antony as his closest confidant due to the fact that they have been like brothers all their lives.

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A conspiracy is planned, Caesar is killed, and Mark Antony becomes a skillful, planning, and vengeful manipulator. When Caesar dies Mark Antony has Fled to his house amazed because one of his closest friends has been killed. The conspirators have judged Antony to be a coward, and therefore do not respect him. He sends his servant to see if it is safe to speak with the conspirators. When they finally meet, he shook everyones hand, but was indeed swayed from the point by looking down on Caesar. By seeing the corpse of his friend, he has been moved to tears. When they leave, Over thy wounds now do I prophesy to seek vengeance on those who murdered Caesar. As the day progresses, Mark Antony would like to hold a funeral service for Caesar. Brutus speaks first, yet he allows Antony his say, even after he has left. He admits that The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interrd with their bones. He gives the crowd a reason to hate Brutus by contradicting every single point that he made. By gaining the crowds approval he is able to display the conspirators not for the heroes that they claim to be, but the butchers which they are. This leads to Antony having a part in the second triumvirate.

While in the second triumvirate, Antony is corrupted and becomes greedy. As the conspirators were driven away, the new leaders of Rome are making a list of the people who were associated or that they just plain dont like. This has made Mark Antony callous, as These many then shall die; their names are pricked. Two names on the list are Lepidus brother, and Antonys nephew. He then sends Lepidus on an errand to get Caesars will and proceeds to mock Lepidus and compare him to an ass To groan and sweat under the business. Caesar had left a will that was being discussed at the same time. Antony takes little portions of each citizens legacy from Caesars will And we shall determine how to cut off some charge in legacies, to pay for his army. The armies of both Antony and Octavius Caesar march toward Brutus and Cassius armies. They meet at Philippi after Brutus has seen Caesars ghost. Before the battle begins, Antony tries to compose a battle strategy. Octavius Caesar refuses and Mark Antony wonders Why do you cross me in this exigent? He believes that since he is older he should be the one to make the plans. He is angered that someone younger than him should be so disobedient, yet he was once a different man.

Mark Antony plays several roles, ranging from that of a devoted follower, to a clever manipulator, to a greedy and corrupted individual. At the end of the battle, Mark Antony knows that Brutus Was the noblest Roman of them all. He plays on Brutus sense of honor and deceives him to gain power. Antony has learned that mistakes can and have been made by Brutus, yet he does not try to explain Brutus actions.

Julius Caesar – Mark Antony

Julius Caesar – Mark Antony
Mark Antony
The character of Mark Antony from Shakespeares play Julius Caesar
may be viewed as simply the confident and devoted supporter of Julius
Caesar.On the contrary, Antony presents the qualities of a shrewd flatterer, a
ruthless tyrant, as well as a loyal follower.Antonys characteristics will
change as the play progresses.He will begin using flattery to get what he
wants, but he will eventually depend on his powerful relentlessness.
Furthermore, Antony uses these various attributes to make him successful.

Throughout the play, Antony uses flattering to achieve his goals.
Following the assassination of Caesar, Antony quickly grasps that he must
deal with Brutus, and he has the shrewdness to take advantage of Brutuss
gullibility.Antony has his servant say, “Brutus is noble, wise, valiant, and
honest” (III i 126).From this point, it is clear that Antony intends to flatter
Brutus and to work upon those personal qualities of Brutus which represent
his fundamental weaknesses.Antony then comes to the Capitol where he
further flatters the conspirators by shaking their hands and saying, “Friends
am I with you all, and love you all…” (III i 220).This act symbolizes that
Antony has made a new friendship with the conspirators, but in reality, he is
plotting to seek revenge so he can take over Rome.Antony is also able to
flatter the vast angry crowd in order to get his way.He is first able to get the
crowd to feel sorry for him.This feeling is evident when the second plebeian
says, “Poor soul, his eyes are red as fire with weeping” (III ii 116).Antony is
then able to turn the people in the crowd against Brutus by teasing them with
Caesars will.Antony says, “And being men, hearing the will of Caesar, it
will inflame you, it will make you mad” (III ii 144-145).This blandishment
provokes an immediate response of the crowd demanding that Antony read
Caesars will.Although Antony uses flattery to get what he wants, he will
also show respect for others with his devotion and loyalty.

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One of the most significant characteristics of Mark Antony is his
strong, affectionate loyalty to Julius Caesar.Antonys devotion to Caesar
extends beyond a simple friendship, but politically as well.This fact is best
recognized when he offers Caesar the crown of Rome three times in the
beginning of the play.This act shows that Antony is dedicated to Caesar
because he is quite willing to serve under the rule of an ambitious tyrant.
Immediately following the assassination of Caesar, Antony acts as though he
is a friend of the conspirators.On the contrary, he is secretly plotting to get
his revenge on all of the assassins.Antony later reveals his true feelings in a
wholehearted soliloquy before the bloody cadaver of Caesar, “Thou art the
ruins of the noblest man that ever lived in the tide of times” (III i 256-257).
Antony believes that Caesar was the most imposing man ever to live
throughout the course of history.To prove his loyalty, Antony gives a
confident and persuasive speech at Caesars funeral despite an extreme
danger on his own life.First, Antony expresses his sadness and grief over the
death of his distinguished friend.However, as the speech progresses,
Antonys emotions transform into extreme anger towards the conspirators
when he says to the crowd, “Look you here, here is himself/Marred as you
see with traitors” (III ii 197-198).The people in the crowd were so moved
by his speech that they were willing to go to war against the conspirators.By
starting this civil war, Antony again risks his own life to get revenge on the
assassins of Caesar.Antony realizes that loyalty is an advantageous quality
for a person to possess.He emphasizes this speculation when he does not kill
Lucilius, the officer to Brutus who stoically risked his own life to save his
master.Antony says of Lucilius, “This is not Brutus, friend, but, I assure
you, a prize no less in worth”(V iiii 26-27).Realizing the value of having
loyal followers, Antony orders that Lucilius be protected.Eventually,
Antonys loyalty will change into an envy of Caesars ambition and he will
follow the path of the ruthless tyrant.

As the play progresses, Antony develops a ruthless state of mind.He
forms into a relentless tyrant much like Caesar was before his death.Cassius
probably describes him best as a “shrewd contriver”.Antony first shows his
fierceness in his speech at Caesars funeral.He speaks of the conspirators
sarcastically calling them “honorable” men.He enrages the people of the
crowd by convincing them that Caesars assassination was morally wrong and
the conspirators are traitors.By his powerful speech, Antony has created
civil war in Rome and he has no concern for the welfare of the citizens who
will suffer in the strife.Antony again shows his ruthlessness when he
condemns his own nephew to death by saying, “He shall not live; look, with a
spot I damn him” (IV i 6).The way in which Antony says these words show
his unrelenting mind.Antony is willing to ignore all ethical and moral
considerations in order to concentrate on political practicality and expedience.
Also, the way Antony regards Lepidus as a “slight” man without merit further
shows his relentlessness.Antony uses Lepidus essentially to run errands and
he intends to eventually append Lepidus powers to his own.At Phillipi,
Antony shows his ruthless nature when he immediately attacks after Brutus
left Cassiuss army exposed.As a consequence, it is because of Antonys
ruthless state of mind that he is successful.

In conclusion, Mark Antony is more than a simple follower of Julius
Caesar.Antony is a shrewd flatterer, a ruthless tyrant, as well as a loyal
supporter of Caesar.He is able to manipulate Brutus using flattery.
Furthermore, he is able to get what he wants with his ruthless state of mind.
In summary, Antony is able to use his various qualities to make him


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