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Julie KirakossianProfessor BrownEnglish 10110 January 2018My Influential Mother During my adolescent years, my life had been dramatically changed forever when my parents got divorced. At this point in my life, I felt distraught and lost. My mother, Silva, showed me the way of enlightenment by teaching me to be a self sufficient, independent women. My father led me to believe that it was my mother’s fault that they were not together.  He filled my head with false hope and love. Through all the torment and agony, my powerful mother still showed me the way to be a rational individual. She raised us on a single income without skipping a beat in providing for us. When I was of age, my mother insisted I get a job to teach me the hardships and values of life.

She made sure we did not lack in persistence and determination, sacrificing her needs, for us to be intelligent and successful. My mother’s attributes that influenced my life drastically include strength, compassion, and determination. To start off, my father made our lives a living torment. From my father not paying child support and alimony, he instilled our family in a situation in which we were not adapted to.

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From being an upper middle class family to below middle class, my father ruined the lives of my brother and I. After all the hardship, my mother still manages to run a functioning household and raise two children. My mother has inspired me to never give up even in critical situations.

If it was not for her motivational drive for success, my academic determination and bright future goals of becoming a pharmacist would have taken a path of failure. My mother not only motivated me for success but taught me to be civil and proper by ruling with an iron fist in the household. From the small chores of cleaning my room, taking out the family dog , and washing dishes, she is prepping for the harsh conditions of life and teaching me the way of being responsible of my personal possessions.

My dad created a lot of complications in my life by not supporting my family financially and my mother adapted to the harsh situation and took all the burden under her wings and raised us to be well rounded individuals. Furthermore, regardless on how difficult my life seemed, my mother influenced me to  always have a positive outlook on life. When critical situations occurred, I would view the situation with nothing but hope and positivity. The reason behind this talent is quite uncanny, but my mother inspired me to have this power to live happily.

It may seem to mainstream or cliche that my mother is indeed my greatest influence, but entirely my mother saved me from my father and raised me to be a beautiful individual. My mother’s urge for the success of her kids, is what fuels me to become the person I want to be. She motivates me to do tasks that I would have never done entirely. Our family for the longest time, has forgot the sight of living lavishly, but that has taught me to be humble and conservative  I always felt grateful for what we do have, and it’s solely because of her encouragement. Moreover, the characteristic of my mother is none of what I have seen in other people .

Her unique characteristics makes her a jewel in our family. The characteristic that I value in her is her ability to develop supernatural strength in difficult situations, her determination to see me and my brother succeed in our endeavors and her love and compassion she displays to loved ones. My mother influenced me to be kind and compassionate towards my family members. After the divorce, my father encouraged me to be distant from my mother’s family and corrupted my intuition on which side actually cares for me. When visiting my grandparents, I immediately rush to the kitchen to see if I could assist my grandmother with anything. Grandma and grandpa would always have work around the house and I would be there helping hand no matter what.  She taught us that when family is in need of help there should be no hesitation with assistance because at the end of the day you only get one family and you need to cherish them for the rest of your life.

All in all, my mothers attributes taught my brother and I the valuable lesson of being strong and willful. Her attributes include strength, compassion, and determination. Her attributes have inspired me to be the woman I am today. She inspired me to tackle education, work at my dream job, and to be the best person I could be. Without her I would be lost in a world of failure ,but on the contrary she pushes me to inherit her motherly attributes and to become a successful individual.


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