Jude The Obscure

In life the role of a man has changed little in comparison to how much the role
of a women has changed. In Jude the Obscure the you explorer a wide variaty of
applied feminen identities. With exagerated properties of the applicaitons, it
shows the true rang of diversity in the role of women. Arabella was a radical
character in the noval, and many of her actions were considered extreme for her
time. She left Jude while in wedlock and was illegally married to another man
before she was properly divorced from Jude. She took on the role of the rebel,
or one against social laws. Arabella was a symbol of sin, and shown to be as the
unfit woman. The woman type of woman to be looked down on. The writer shows he
negativity toward her by the way she is always shown unhappy. She was unhappy
with jude so she left him. She found another man but there marriage was never
legal or real, and as the book progressed she found that she really wanted to be
with Jude, who no longer wanted her for what she did to him. Thomas Hardy, the
author, was trying to show that her rebel ideals were wrong and for her sins she
was punished with enduring unhappiness. Sue on the other hand was on the other
end of the spectrum. Sue was very odd, and she even consider herself abnormal
and evil, yet represented a woman of virtue and honor. She was a very inteligent
woman, and very noble. She represented a woman of class and stature. She was
very much desired by other men more for her complexity then anything else. She
was a mistery to men and it generated a fierce interest in them. The most
interesting fact being she would not let her virginty go. Men were left puzzled
and confused. She did however have her negative aspects to her character. She
married a man, and then asked to him to live with another. Something like that
isn’t respected. She used the man she married for selfish reasons, which further
explains the another point Hardy was trying to make through Sue. He was making
the point, women have a power over men, the power of seduction, and is often
miss used for selfish reasons. No one can stero type a woman because of the
extreme contrast in behavior, and Hardy displayed this fact clearly in this
noval. Hardy took to woman, and showed you two aspects of women’s nature that
clearly prove the diversity of woman themselves.

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