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Joan of ArcJoan of Arc by Nancy Wilson Ross in nineteen-hundred and fifty-three and published by Random House. Nancy Wilson Ross was born in Olympia Washington; she wrote many books on the early fifteenth century including Joan of Arc.Nancy Wilson Ross wrote of that Joan of Arc was a simple girl taken advantage of by a wimp of a prince/king who left her to be used and abandoned at the first sign of trouble; by those that she had helped the most.

That Joan was divinely guided by her voices and manipulated by many to fit their will.Mrs. Ross starts off by showing the extreme challenge of getting to see the Prince Dauphin.

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In the beginning she was laughed at and told to go back to her family farm, as a mere girl they had no need of her. But Joan did not give up and she waited till the war had gone on for awhile and was not going well and then she tried again. Joan was finally allowed to go to see her Prince and tell him of her voices, but first she had to endure a verification of the origin of her voices and of her that took quite a while longer. Joan in the mean time grew anxious for the Prince and for France as her voices were urging her to hurry and help Prince Dauphin get crowned King of France and save her country from the English.After Joan is proven fit, she is finally allowed to meet her Prince and finds that he is a weak-willed individual that is not inclined to make any decisions, least of all to put forth the effort to go to Reims and be crowned the King of France. Joan does convince him into letting her go out into the battle fields and help lead the soldiers to a victory. Joan was fulfilling a prophecy that said that “having been through a woman (the wicked plots of Dauphin’s Mother), would be restored by a girl from Lorraine.

” In battle Joan was smart and brave and gave the men hope that they could turn the war around. Joan dictated letters to the English generals that she did not want to hurt them and that they should go home, but they ignored her and she fought them till they turned and ran. Joan helped turn the tide to Frances advantage and then returned to Prince Dauphin to try to convince him to go to Reims and be crowned. After Joan made sure that the passage to Reims was safe, she returned to court to wait out and answer from Prince Dauphin. While waiting Joan the Maid is treated as a Lady of the Court, but she is anxious to see France united by having a crowned King to lead them. Mrs. Ross uses the times of wait to show how the Prince did not take serious the affairs of France or of the war, but only of his own comfort.Joan the maid finally convinces the Prince that he must make the decision that is the only hope for France and be crowned the King.

Joan the maid travels with the Princes entourage to Reims with no mishap and finally gets to see her family that she has been away from for so long. But Joan’s voices are urging her to get her mission completed and to crown the King. Joan accomplishes the crowning of the King in less then twenty-four hours of arriving in Reims.After the crowning of the King, Mrs. Ross reminds us how much Joan is set in the wings by the King until he has no choice but to let her do as her voices bid her. The new King would rather show Joan the Maid off than to listen to what she is trying to tell him about the war. Joan the Maid is kept at court for to long, she is allowed to rejoin the men fighting for the unity of France. Joan is not as lucky this time and is captured by the Burgundian soldiers, and even though she had fought a brave fight she was now a captive of war.

Mrs. Ross illustrates how of all the people that Joan the Maid has befriended and helped especially the King, no one came to Joan’s rescue or even tried to ransom her back; it was as though she was of no more use they just let her to her own fate. Joan was put to trial as a witch and first she confessed that she was what ever they wanted her to be so that she could be at peace, but she could not live with a lie. In the end the trial branded her a witch for the same voices that had crowned a King of France and turned the war around and she was tied to a stake and set on fire while everyone watched and cheered.

Mrs. Ross completes her wonderful book, by completing her point that this was a gift that was used, abused, and finally honored in the end. In the end twenty-five years after Joan of Arc’s horrible death her family petitioned the Pope as the head of the Church and he re-tried Joan’s case.

They finally allowed the voices of the people that Joan had known and helped to be heard, all but the King who never spoke out on her behalf. Joan was declared by the Pope to be innocent of all charges and was named Saint Joan of Arc for her life that she gave to help unite her war-torn country.Mrs. Ross has written many books and is well known for the detail and history in her books. I would recommend that everyone read her books.

A Michael who said she should be a

A French saint and a heroine in the Hundred Years’ war was Joan of Arc.This farm girl helped save the French from English command and was often calledthe Maid Orleans and the Maid of France. Her inspiration led the French to manyvictories.Joan Of Arc (In French Jeanne d’Arc) was born around 1412, in thevillage of Domremy, France. She was a peasant girl who, like many girls of thattime, could not read or write. Her father, Jacques, was a wealthy tenant farmerand her mother, Isabelle Romee, taught her how to sow, spin, and cook which shewas proud of. She also spent much of her time praying to and serving God.

Shelived like most children did at that time, until when she was about thirteen.According to Wagenknecht: “The Vision first came when she was firstthirteen..

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..” 1The vision was Saint Michael who said she should be a goodgirl and go to church. When more and more Visions had come it started comingclearer to her and when she saw Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret her duty wasclear, she was the chosen one to crown Charles the VII. 2Since France had been fighting with England in what was called theHundred Years’ War, much of Northern France was captured by the English,including Reims where the coronation for kings had been held for over centuriesbefore him.

Since Reims was captured, Charles the VII, who had not yet beencrowned; was still called the Dauphin. When Joan had these visions of SaintCatherine and Saint Margaret, she told her family and friends. When she toldher father, he would not let her go. After when these Visions told her thatEngland and Burgundy, England’s ally, were going to capture Orleans, one ofFrance’s last strong forces, she knew she had to react. She needed to go to thegovernor of Vaucouleurs, an agent of the Dauphin, and convince him to give heran army to escort her to the Dauphin.She first needed an escort to come with her to see the governor so sheasked her cousin, Durand Laxart. He, at first, was skeptical about it, but thenhe soon came to Joan’s side. When she told the governor, Robert de Baudricourt,he said she was a fool and she should go home.

But after some time of waiting,Baudri-court let her go, under his protection, to the Dauphin with maleclothing, a sword, 3 a safe conduct pass, and a small escort. They departedFebruary 23. They safely traveled at night on byroads for eleven days fromVacouleurs to Chinon.

They slept in the open air and disguised Joan, so theEnglish would not notice her when she attended Mass in the towns they wentthrough.After some time arriving in Chinon, she was escorted to where theDauphin was. The Dauphin was among his courtiers and she carefully picked himout, while he was among his courtiers. She went there.Jean Benedetti described it:Joan made her entrance and according to Jean Cartier, Charles VII’sofficial historian, curtsied as though she had been doing it her whole life.She was a striking woman who dressed, and in many ways behaved, like a man andyet had feminine qualities of compassion and tenderness. Everyone who met wasimpressed the force of her personality.

She had ‘charisma’. Moreover sheprovided a minor wonder by recognizing the king who was hiding among hiscourtiers, trying to look inconspicuous, and doubtless succeeding. When sheaddressed him he de denied that he was the king, pointing to one of hiscourtiers with the words, ‘You are mistaken, there is the king.’ But Joanpersisted, calling him ‘Gentle Dauphin’. 2Joan and the Dauphin spent some time together talking together and she told him4 that God has sent her there to tell him that God has said that he will beanointed and crowned king in Reims.The decision was to be postponed for a few months.

There was acommission to inspect Joan’s history; to make sure that she was really sent byGod and not the devil. And Joan herself was questioned and tested at theUniversity of Poitiers and she also had to have a verification by matron toprove that she was a virgin. After three weeks the court claimed that she wasacceptable. Even though there were myths said about the situation, they wantedher story to be true. If it was not true,


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