Jennifer study conducted by the University of North

Jennifer M.

MacLennan gave information about communicationin her article and claimed that “communication is an extremely important factorin a professional career.”  In herarticle, she gave a plethora of examples of support this claim.In 1984, James McAlister finds out that lack ofcommunication skill played a pivotal role in failing career of engineers ratherthan a lack of technical knowledge. Not only engineering field but in everyprofessional field communication skill is indispensable. As per NFI research,after surveying 171 managers from various companies, 94.2 percent support thatcommunication is rudimentary to get a desirable job. To cite an example,managers who have extraordinary communication skills always help theiremployees to explain how their work contributes to fulfilling organizationgoals.

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The study done by Barker in 1980 proved that average person’s spent 75percent of their day to communicate and in case of students this proportion isslightly higher. Another term known as ‘continuing competence’ shows that howcommunication important in professions. For example, in Canada most professionsuch as nursing, occupation therapy, pharmacy, forestry, and engineering havedeveloped specific continuing competence policies and programming. In thispolicies and programming communication is a key factor in developedprofessional skills. There some evidence which proved that a new graduatestudent who has mastery in communication skill will automatically consider moreattractive to an employer.

A study conducted by the University of NorthCarolina said that when the researcher asked employers to find new employeesfrom recent graduates students according to technical knowledge andcommunication skill they showed their more interest in communication skill.A evidence which I mentioned above support the claim “effectivecommunication is an essential ingredient in professional success.”


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