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It’s a lame title I know, but it sounded funny in my head. Okay so let’s cut to the chase here, God wants us to achieve everything we want BUT IN HIS WILL. Understanding God’s will/plan for your life is hard. Like you don’t know whether what you want to do is from Him or not. Or whether the job you applied for is in His plan for you to get. Or even when you get that job or position, things happen and you say why did God allow it to happen. Trust me I’m as confused as you sometimes but we’re here to talk about it and uncover it together since it is a big aspect of our relationship with God. I believe and I think that understanding/knowing God’s plan/will depends on your faith, let me explain. We sometimes make decisions depending on how we feel, like what we feel like having for lunch or what we want to buy/wear etc all these things are driven by emotions. And so, we sometimes base decisions on emotions. Your emotions dictate your steps but faith cannot proceed with emotions. Your emotions can motivate you to do something but without faith you can’t succeed. So, understanding God’s plan/will depends on how much faith we place onto our situations and decisions. How much faith and trust we place in God that His plan is the best for us. We ought to have faith in His timing, emotions can make us rush into things which may lead to disappointment and this disappointment will rob us from EVERYTHING God called you to do. BUT when it’s God’s timing it is spirit led and faith based and therefore it succeeds. God doesn’t want us to have part of His will. God wants us to have the full picture of His plan as it is the best plan for our lives. I encourage you to be led by convictions and faith NOT emotions. To know God more through His word to know His plan for you. To dream SO BIG that it’ll be done by the will of God. May you trust that He will but even if He doesn’t may His will be achieved. I pray that His will overshadows everything in your life.


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