It can bemade with chicken thighs as it will cook quickly. Chicken drumsticks or thighshave more flavor than chicken breasts. Use long grain white or brown rice.

Short grain or medium rice has too much starch and would be sticky. Don’t rinsethe rice before mixing it with the vegetables and chicken as it would wash awayall the surface starch and would not be creamy. Serve this with a green orfruit salad or white wine.INGREDIENTS:1.   2-1/2 pounds chicken drumsticks orthighs2.   1/3 cup flour3.   Salt and pepper4.   3 tablespoon olive oil5.

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   1-1/2 cups uncooked long grain rice6.   1 chopped onion7.   2 chopped garlic8.   2 cups sliced carrot9.   3 stalks celery, cut into chunks10.                    1chopped red bell pepper11.

                    3cups homemade chicken broth, heated to boiling12.                    3tablespoons melted butter13.                    2bay leaves14.                    ½cup grated Parmesan cheeseHOW TO MAKE:1.   Heat the oven to 350 degree F2.   Combine the flour, salt and pepperand mix it well.

Roll the drumsticks in this mixture. Heat the oil and let thedrumsticks turn brown by turning each several times for about 5-6 minutes.3.   Meanwhile place the rice, salt andpepper, onion and garlic in a glass baking dish.

4.   To this rice mixture add carrots,celery, red bell pepper, hot chicken broth and melted butter and mix it well. 5.   The rice should be completely coveredin the liquid. Place the bay leaves on top of this rice mixture.6.   Arrange the browned chickendrumsticks on top of the rice mixture and sprinkle with cheese.

7.   Finally cover the baking dish andbake at 350 degree F for 45 minutes till the chicken is properly cooked and therice is tender.8.   Remove the bay leaves and serve thechicken with rice mixture.


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