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It is my immense pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Priyanka Florina Karmokar who is known to me for more than five years as her course instructor as well as Head of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific. If I have to select a student to represent University of Asia Pacific in an international or national platform, she will be among those top 3% students of my list. I am pleased that she is intending to pursue her higher studies in the United States of America and I would like to express my support towards her by writing about her academic abilities and professional competence. I undoubtedly believe that she is the crown of her batch since she not only has a flourishing academic background but also has proven her aptitude both in extra and co-curriculum activities.

One of her most impressive qualities that caught my attention while taking the theory courses- Physical Pharmacy-I and Pharmacognosy-II, is that Ms. Karmokar has an acute memory and is keen to please the professor with her impeccable work. I would always be curious about checking her papers or assignments and never have I ever been discontented with any of her work. She proves her depth of knowledge in the various courses of Pharmaceutical Science by achieving different scholarships and accolades along with challenging herself throughout the whole process. With great honor, I can say that she even received one of the most prominent scholarships of our university for securing the highest scores in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics-I and II Theory and Lab courses – the ‘Dr. Prof. Habibur Rahman Scholarship’. She brought the first prize in the poster competition, organized also by University of Asia Pacific in 2015. Her poster titled ‘Teixobactin- a fresh hope in the war against bacteria’ won the championship among the 52 posters because of the significance of the content and her unique and profound presentation skills. In 2015, we selected her as a representative in the South East University Pharma Fest to compete in a ‘Pharma Quiz’. It was a much esteemed moment for us that she became the champion by defeating seven universities altogether.

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In addition, Ms. Karmokar always becomes the topper in every semester by acquiring highest GPA. I never saw her to miss a single ‘Vice Chancellor Merit Scholarship’ which is given to the students in every semester who have a GPA above 3.90. She completed all her undergraduate semesters with full tuition waivers and upon enrolled in the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology in University of Asia Pacific; she successfully managed to maintain her score throughout the first semester (4.00 out of 4.00). She is also doing her thesis on Pharmacogenomics and her involvement in research work is exemplary.

Ms. Priyanka Florina Karmokar is a decorous, disciplined, diligent and dedicated towards her pursuits. I highly recommend her for admission to your graduate program with any possible financial assistance because I am certain that she will continue to demonstrate the same excellence that she showed me and her peers.


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