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It genuinely is an engineering accomplishment when a technology break through is achieved, that personally makes me happy to know that there is a solution. I think that it is interesting how big electronic circuits can all be turned into a small and very efficient device like cell phone. I wish to study Electrical and Electronic engineering because growing up in a country like South Sudan that the government doesn’t provide electricity and everyone depends on generators for any form of light, it makes you desperate to bring change to the whole country. I have always wanted to be able to provide at least half of the nation with some sort of electricity. The amount of people that own some sort of communicating device is also approximately 21% of the population.

I would like to know everything about Electrical and Electronic engineering because it’s very interesting how electricity is created and distributed around the country. Furthermore, while I was growing up, when I would always be with my father all we would talk about is how it would be like if our people had their own country that had everything in it. We got independence on 9th July 2011, ever since then I have developed a passion for electricity, and I hope to be able to do something about the electricity situation. I have already done research on how power plants work and gotten knowledge on all the different way to generate electricity. Knowing the fact that approximately 85 percent of my country’s population works in the agriculture industry, I am eager to be different from everyone that is when I thought to myself, why not do Electrical and Electronic engineering since I am so interested in it.

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So before the brutality began in my nation, I went with my uncle the previous minister of petroleum in the Republic of South Sudan. We went on a visit to all the oil fields that belong to South Sudan. At that point I remained there for 3 days and I had the chance to make inquiries about precisely what the engineers there do. I picked up a great deal of knowledge and I had a good idea of what I would be doing later in the future from that experience.

I speak 3 exceptional distinctive languages, Arabic, English and my native South Sudanese language Dinka. A helpful asset for everyone in an undeniably diverse worldwide culture. I think I am suitable for the Electrical and Electronic engineering course in light of the fact that since I was young I have been doing all the correct subjects. I have likewise completed a considerable measure of research and know a great deal about it. My current subjects relate to electrical and electronic engineering because I do Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

A year ago I did computer challenge by Cambridge and that was to demonstrate my critical thinking aptitudes were great and I did well in the test.I played in the school football team, which requires a lot of dedications and I am the kind of individual that is constantly motivated to do my best. I’m a very confident person and I have great relational abilities so I can converse with anybody about any issue. I’m likewise extremely social, I generally jump at the chance to make new companions and become acquainted with about different societies.

And am also a good student for the university because I am already used to interacting and being around students from all around the world


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