It is an ability alcohols generally possess, because

It is a known fact that when organic compounds are combusted, there is a subsequent large release of energy. Compounds which are organic constitute and range from ketones, aldehydes to alcohols. Taking one alcohol in specific, Ethanol, has a significant and wide range of uses, one of them being Motor fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, alcohols are renewable and this is an essential property of any good fuel in the long run. But, just being renewable is not a sufficient claim for alcohols being a good fuel. When a good fuel is combusted in the presence of Oxygen, the release of energy is significantly high, when an alcohol is burnt, there is a release of energy, But, is there a correlation in the energy released from one alcohol to another ? And how does this affect the relationship between alcohols from a combustion perspective ?This research paper is dedicated towards experimenting this property. Alcohols have a functional group ( -OH )  and therefore are a homologous series.  There are many groups/families of compounds whose molecules constitute of carbon atom chains, and one such family/group are the alcohols. They have a hydroxyl ( a hydrogen and oxygen combination ) and a bond with carbon being single. Due to this sort of arrangement, alcohols can be considered as hydrocarbons. To be able to remove water from the body, is an ability alcohols generally possess, because of which hydrogen gets substituted by chains of hydrocarbons. It is also known that CnH2n + 1OH is the general formula for alcohols. Therefore, the aim of this investigation is quite straightforward, aim being to examine The relationship in terms of the amount of energy that is released from a fuel ( alcohol ) and how the total number of atoms of carbon correlate with this release of energy Now, if a certain fuel has a higher availability of carbon atoms, it would be directly proportional with an increase in the number of bonds to be broken and made, and this of course would result in an overall increased energy output. Also, adding to the above paragraph,  it is a known fact that for every reaction that takes place, bonds split and the formation of new subsequent bonds takes place, whilst throughout this process


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