It days brought me up to tears. I

It was during spring, when I first met you, the happiest girl on earth. Your smile shines brighter than the sun and stars combined. It was all fun and laughter as I spend my time with you. You’re the first friend I ever had, the one I thought would last forever. As time passes, all memories of you faded, now it’s hard to even see each other’s faces. I regret meeting you, I regret all those time I spend with you. If I somehow knew you would leave me, in this cold winter wasteland, where flowers doesn’t bloom, and where sun rarely shines, I should’ve never met you.I kept questioning myself, how long should I have to wait to finally see you, because I’ve missed you. I tried to erase all my memories of you, but even trying to recall those days brought  me up to tears. I realized that erasing you would bring up more pain. I finally gather up my courage to find you and to end this all, for our sake. It’s been a long time since the day you left me, but there hasn’t been a day that I have forgotten you. I want those days to come back, I want us to be like what we used to be. I want us to revive the moments we used to have together as friends. I don’t want us to stay apart, I want to see that smile and cherish it again. I still remember the day I threw you a birthday party. The surprised look on your face when I threw a birthday cake at you, and the smile on your face, covered with bits of cake. The time where we would escape the world and run freely to see a large blooming tree. And the time we would hang out in an abandoned train station. Those are the memories I do not want to forget.  The dark winter is ending, morning will soon come again. I couldn’t wait any longer, I’ve decided to see you. I wanted you to know, past the end of this dark, and cold winter, I would chase after you, and find you. I know that  you would wait for me, at the end of my journey. Could you just stay and wait a little longer?I ran for miles and days just for us to be together again. I want this feeling loneliness to end. As I stopped to catch my breath, I saw you, standing in front of me wearing all white, looking at me with a large nostalgic smile on you face. I finally found you, my once lost friend. The nightmares I have would go away, because the sun is back to wake me up once again. You and I would never walk alone, we’re together now.  It’s the beginning of a new day, but our friendship would stay the same.    


I'm William!

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