It can no longer be said that baseball is just a g

Heyame. Actually, it has been many years now that baseball has been more than just a simple game. Only recently did the entire nation catch on. All athletes for the most part are paid higher than the average American. Now, with Alex Rodriguez’s new contract he is worth just as much as the entire franchise is.

Baseball salaries have skyrocketed, and something must be done before the integrity of the game, and eventually the game itself is destroyed. There are many reasons why and how the game could be destroyed. While the outrageous contracts that the players receive only over the last few years have been keyed on in the sports world. However since the creation of free agency in 1976, the increase in pay has been out of control. In order to see this, one only to need to look back to the first two years of free agency, where salaries doubled (Bodley). Additionally, the average salary is currently forty times higher than it was in 1976 (Bodley).

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Baseball was the first sport to have free agency and as it currently stands the last to control it. All other major sports, basketball, football, and hockey have plans in place in order to keep a check on salaries. As a result other sports aren’t facing the crisis that Major League Baseball will soon and already currently is dealing with. The other surrounding professional sports leagues have a salary cap or some revenue sharing between the small and large market teams.


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