1.List at least two of the six different human sources of DNA material identified in Chapter 1.

Two of them would be blood and tooth pulp.

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2.Who is given credit for establishing the London Metropolitian Police Force.
The Credit was given to a Sir Robert Peel.

3.What is a Search Warrant?
It is a written order, in the name of the state, signed by a judicial officer, exercising proper authority, and directing a law enforcement officer to search for certain specific property and bring it before the court.

4.What is the “fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine”?
It’s a doctrine that states any evidence obtained from a illegal search and seizure is inadmissible in court.

5.When can legal searches and seizures be made by law enforcement officers?
They can be used when a warrant has been issued, with consent, if it’s incident to an arrest, automobile (exception), and in an emergency (exigent circumstances).
6.What are the three essential ingredients of arrest?
The 3 ingredients of arrest are Intention, Authority, and Custody.

7.What is substantive criminal law?
Substantive Criminal Law is the branch of criminal law dealing with the elements that describe and define a crime.

8.What is procedural Criminal law?
Procedural Criminal Law is the branch of criminal law that defines what can and cannot be done with, or to, people.

9.Define “stop and frisk.”
A stop and frisk is a limited pat down of the outer clothing of a person encountered by a law enforcement officer when the person is acting suspiciously, and the officer, concerned about safety, seeks to determine if the person has a weapon.

10.What is an arrest warrant?
A judicial order commanding that a particular person be arrested and brought before a court to answer a criminal charge.


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