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IntroductionThe use of media can be essential towards the enhancement of health service campaign in the society. Mass media campaign can lead to positive changes in behavior related to health issues, for instance, tobacco use, risk factors for heart diseases, cancer treatment and others like blood donation within the society. Availability of new medicinal products and population-based programs that aid to improve behavior changes will be known quickly. Through the media campaign, for instance, the TV, radios, and Ads, dissemination of healthcare-related information to in the community will be easy. A health educator can utilize a number of steps in disseminating information on the wellbeing of the population and this paper will look into different strategies that can be entailed in relaying of the message in the community. Goal DefinitionIt is always important to come with a set of objectives in any decision made.

That is, expressing the achievements aimed with media assistant. For instance, are the plan aimed at improving medical practices in the community or is it the advertisement of essential drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases (Contra Costa Health Services, 2016). This implies that in setting out goals, a number of questions must be answered to get specific goals. Having the outlined objectives at hand, it becomes in benchmarking the success.

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The health educator will have a quiet time in sticking to the described goals since it becomes easy in choosing what needs to be advertised to the population.  Targeted PopulationDefining the targeted population is another factor to consider in making an advertisement, For instance, if the objective entails a push towards having a birth center, then the demographic campaign will be a focus on pregnant women in the society. Also, a target can be about education about various chronic illnesses like the heart diseases for the adults (Yerian, 2013). Therefore, in every goal set, it is crucial in defining the preferred community and having known the target group, and what needs to be relayed, it will be easy in carrying out the campaign.Researching the CompetitorsKnowing how other competing agents are campaigning on their products and services is another factor to consider. Though the main agenda is in the provision of quality health services to the community, being at the top is a factor to consider since it will lead to fetching more clients. Therefore, researching how other health services provider carries out their campaign will help a lot.

Getting a clue on their strategic plans in media campaigns that make them succeed will help much (Yerian, 2013). After gaining knowledge on how the competitors carry out their campaign, the next step will focus on finding ways on how to improve the strategies to better. Implementing the plan will lead to expanded service offering since many people will start to seek treatments in the health care.Having a Strategic Plan in Launching of Campaigns to Media HousesMarketing in social media needs consistent monitoring with a timely response.

Since as the health advocates want to launch many Ads at a time, it will never be useful. Many campaigns launch at a time will overwork the staffs, and at the no effective thing job will have been done. Therefore, it is wise to launch different campaigns at a time and create effective coordination with the platform chosen (Yerian, 2013). More so, engaging with other traditional media promotion will be another way of getting more bangs. For instance, making use of a well-produced radio spot can influence listeners to the website to involve themselves with the organization. Therefore, having a strategic plan and tactics in carrying out health care plans will be a factor to consider.Making the Message Simple and Easy to RememberHaving non-complicated information will play a great role in selling a product or services.

This implies that, stick to the ultimate goals and avoids information that would confuse the targeted population. For instance, if the aim is letting the community be aware of a particular drug, the message should focus on describing the product and giving the importance of using that medicine (Unite For Sight, 2015). More complicated information will end up confusing the people, and it will become hard in marketing the organization name and the products offered.Budget StrategiesBeing aware of the budget and the available funds that have to be utilized must be put into consideration.

The budget plays a role in the campaign track, and different strategies must be entailed in the implementation of health communication plan. First, calculation of the total tto use in the campaign since cost varies in different media platforms. Review on various media that had been used and select the one that was successful (Barry, 2017).

After choosing the media to use, the third step will involve allocation of finances for every expense related to health campaign. ConclusionBefore making a push to the society, it is wise to have a strategy on what needs to be done. Before engaging in the media advocacy, it will be wise in identifying a health issue within the society and find ways of solving the concern. Chose the media to utilize in the campaign and after the advertisement is successful, find means of implementing the plans. After implementation, quality health service will have been improved, and as a result, the organization will have significantly been marketed.


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