Introduction:Do of stray pets.The reproduction rate of stray

Introduction:Do you know? According to the World Animal Protection, there are about 7 billion of dogs and 70% are stray dogs. When we talk about stray animals, what will come out in your mind? Dirty? Hugger? Homelessness? Where are these stray animals come from? Most of the stray animals, they are also adorable pet before.There are so many reasons to adopt stray pets. Today, I’m going to tell you the three main reasons why we should adopt instead of purchasing a pet, an action to save a life, control the cycle of overpopulation and support the charitable activities and community institution. Body:Main point 1:Adoption is an action to saving a life.Generally, the average life span of  stray pets are much lower than a home pet.They don’t have the food source and safe home to live.They have to wander the streets to beg for the food and place to stay even fight with other stray animals in order to survive.Therefore, stray animals are easily being abused.The probability of a stray pet to get an infection disease is higher than a home pet.For example, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus(FIV). This is a tragic life of stray pets.Adoption will save a stray pet by giving them a home.Main point 2:Adoption can control and reduce the number of stray pets.The reproduction rate of stray animal cannot be controlled effectively without sterilization.Therefore, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program is carried out to control the population of the stray animal.The statistics showed that the reproduction rate of a pair of mature dog and cat can lead to a number of 20,736 offspring in four years.Normally, the number of adopted stray pets is low because there are many stray pets come into the shelter but fewer people consider to adopt when looking for a pet.People more prefer pet in the pet shop since they are more adorable than stray pets.Adoption is an effective way to reduce the number of stray animals.Main point 3: Lastly, adopt instead of purchase a pet is a way of supportive to the charity and community activities.Protection of animal is always a worldwide issue.When you adopt a pet from the shelter, you serve a not-for-profit organization.Moreover, your adoption may encourage and affect others to do the same.Furthermore, you also object to the unethical breeding.For instance, Scottish Fold is a characteristic of unusual genetic mutation.The health issues of a purebred dog is also a concerned topic.When you purchase a pet from the pet shop, you are indirectly supportive the puppy mill Conclusion :Now I would like to bring my speech to a close.”Adopt instead of purchase” is a common aspiration of every animal protection person.Here are my personal opinion to the future pet owners, if you want to have a pet and still looking for the favourite pet.It is recommended to seek priority to adopt and sterilization pet.For the pet owners, the moment you take your pet home, you are their responsibility for life.Don’t simply give up them by any reasons.There are not any reasons can be the excuse to you to abandon them.We should rescue a homeless pet instead purchase a pet from a pet shop to support the unethical breeding. 


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