Introduction: to 1939 also even now prepared today.


First Step in a grand adventure into to
the landscape of imagination”. (Frank Biocca)

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this report, I will give you a brief
about one of the most advanced technologies in the modern world which is
(Virtual reality).

 In our modern world there are so many
technologies in our hand which can be good or bad depending on the person or
company that uses, VR is one of that technology that helps us in various ways
such as learning, traveling, experiencing new things that we can’t do or reach
and it eases up our life in many operations and situations.

people mix it up with Augmented Reality so

I am going to differentiate
between them and explain each one.






Virtual Reality innovations expand upon thoughts that go back to the 1800s,
practically of the precise starting from claiming useful photography.
Previously, 1838, the primary stereoscope might have been invented, utilizing
twin mirrors should project an absolute picture. That inevitably created under
the View-Master, protected to 1939 also even now prepared today.

term VR was first used in the 1980s when
Jaron Lanier (creator of VPL research) began to develop that gear using goggles
and gloves needed to experience what he called at that time “Virtual reality”.

A simple example of
VR in old days in Morton Heilig’s background
who was in motion picture industry in Hollywood, he wanted to make people feel
like they are “in” the movie where you could ride a motorcycle, smell the motor’s exhaust and hear the engine like it
was real.

also created a head-mounted display
device, called the Telesphere Mask and many inventors would build upon his

In 1965, an
additional inventor, Ivan Sutherland, offered “the extreme Display,” A
head-mounted device that he recommended would serve as a “window under a
virtual reality.”  


example those 1970s Furthermore 1980s were a powerful time in the field.
Optical progress went parallel to
activities that acted looking into haptic devices Furthermore different
instruments that might permit you will move around in the virtual space. At Nasa
Ames exploration focus in the mid-1980s, for example, those Virtual interface
nature’s domain Workstation (VIEW) framework joined a head-mounted gadget for
gloves will empower the haptic collaboration.

VR technology owes a very great debt to all the past six decade inventors who
opened away for the use of the new modern low-cost high-quality devices which
are used today.

Definition of Virtual Reality:

       It is an amazing, fanciest technology that can replace your
reality with some new virtual computer-generated environment it could be any
different environment, the idea is to trick your brain into thinking that is
your new reality.



really separates the VR and what makes it so impressive is the immersion factor
the fact that you’re totally in this world so just like with headphone on when
you can’t really anything else other than the music you’re listening to, with a
VR headset you’re essentially blindfolded and put into entire new world with
whatever the artist makes, virtual reality content will take off when there is
a lot of virtual reality stuff to look alike 3D TV would have only made it if
people everywhere started making 3D now.

people usually confusing VR with AR, but they are totally different.


Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented
reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment
in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial
environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new layer
of information in front of your eyes, which means it is a live direct or
indirect view of a physical real-world whose components are “augmented” by computer-generated
perceptual information.

Types of Virtual Reality:


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