Introduction Hyperinsulinism and West Syndrome that causes

Introduction            Adoption of children appears to be a very simple processas portrayed by the normal day to day ongoings but there is a lot to considerbefore a family considers taking up a new member through adoption. From theresearch Sergio is one of the children up for adoption, he enjoys basketballand other sports, watching television, playing video games, and watchingmovies. He also enjoys one on one attention. Empiria is an academically giftedyoung girl that enjoys church activities, watching TV, playing computer gamesand having fried chicken. She is a trauma victim and needs a supportive family.Ida is a sweet young girl that is a good eater of chicken nuggets and veggies.She thrives on a fixed daily schedule and throws tantrums when upset.

She isenergetic and requires supervision. She suffers from Hyperinsulinism and WestSyndrome that causes her to have seizures. She has delayed growth and undergoesspeech therapy. Preference of Adoption or Placementof Children in Foster Homes            For the case of adoption, some children are easilyadopted as compared to others. This is as a result of the characteristics thatthey have. Healthy children have a higher probability of adoption as comparedto children that may have health issues such as long-term illnesses ordisabilities like Ida (Keck, & Kupecky, 2014). The age of children is alsovery limiting when it comes to adoption, many parents opt for younger childrenbecause they feel like it would be much easier to incorporate them into theirfamilies.             Most children put up for adoption are usually orphanedand lack an immediate family to take care of them.

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Most children born toparents that are not financially ready to have a family end up in foster homes.This is because the parents feel like it would give the children higher chancesof survival. Children born from unwanted or unplanned pregnancies have a higherprobability of being put up for adoption compared to children sired by willingparents.

Children that belong to unhealthy parents or those that abuse drugsare also likely to be put up for adoption by the parent or by legal means asfor the latter case.Parents Preparation for Adoption            Parents willing to adopt Sergio would need to need to beready to engage him in sports and other interactive activities. They would alsoneed to be there for him physically for direct interaction. To make him morecomfortable they would provide video games, a television and have movies forthe boy. For the fostering of Empiria, the parents would have to enroll her ina school to tap her academic talent, seek help in handling the trauma victim byseeing a physician, provide her with television, computer games to play andthrow in fried chicken in their meals in order to accommodate her (Keck, &Kupecky, 2014).

The family should also be enrolled in church activities to makeher feel more welcome. Finally, for the family that adopts Ida, they need to bepatient and avoid trying to speed up her growth due to her condition. Thefamily should also be ready financially to handle her health issues and bementally prepared to go through the monthly seizures. They should as provide aregular routine for the child in order to ensure her successful growth. Thefamily should include her favorite foods on their menu.

Finally, the familyshould be able to divert her tantrums when she’s upset and always be present tosupervise her due to her energetic nature.Children’s Preparation for Adoption            The children can be prepared for adoption by their newfamilies by an introduction to the parents while still at the foster home. Thisbrings familiarity and the children get to become more comfortable. For Sergioand Empiria, they can be given a briefing on life outside the foster home inorder to help them prepare both mentally and emotionally to interact with thenew people (Keck, & Kupecky, 2014). For Ida, the nurse that attended to hercan begin to switch roles with the adoptive mother prior to her adoption inorder for her to familiarize with her.My Role as a Teacher for SuchStudents            As a teacher, when a new student is enrolled into myclass and they are undergoing adoption or live in a foster home, I wouldobserve some things in order to accommodate them in my class (Stewart, 2017).

Iwould not give them too much special attention to prevent them from feeling sodifferent from the rest of the class which would help them fit in (Stewart,2017). I would also not publicize the matter to avoid teasing by otherstudents. I would also make a personal effort to talk to such a child to inquirehow they are faring at home and help them out with anything that may seemtroublesome to them (Stewart, 2017).Conclusion            In general, the process of adoption can be quite hecticbut when the adoptive parents are ready by all means to accommodate the child,adoption can be quite successful and lead to the development of a child totheir full potential.

How adopted children or those living in foster homes areaccommodated in facilities such as schools by their teacher is also importantin their integration into their new families and interaction with otherstudents.    ReferencesKeck, G., & Kupecky,R. (2014).

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