INTRODUCTION different price with different rate. The

INTRODUCTIONBackground of the OrganizationGolden Roof Hotel has five branches inMalaysia which is Ipoh, Sunway Ipoh City, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar and SeriIskandar. Ipoh is the first branch and the main office to all branches. Top Management (Structure) Core Business (Business Activities)            Golden Roof Hotel Ipoh features 80rooms, with a wide selection of room types. Not content to simply accommodatefor guests, Golden Roof Hotel also provide additional facilities for bothleisure and business.

            An outstanding environment, quietsurroundings, fresh air out of the congested city, quality room facilities,helpful staff and front desk are among the great features offered. With itsstylish and elegant design and excellent customer service, the branch newGolden Roof Hotel creates a heart-warming place for tourists and guests thatbring nothing short of the feeling of being at home.            Slogan of Golden Roof Hotel is “Expectthe unexpected!”PRODUCTIONMANAGEMENTDefinitionIs a process of coordinating, planning,organizing, directing and controlling the activities of the production functionsuch as to make a product, typically involving effective control of scheduling,cost, performance, quality and waste requirements.Products (Goods or Service)A)    RoomsGolden Roof Hotel hasprovided eighty rooms with different type to guest.

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These are the room type thathas been provided: Superior Single, Deluxe Queen, Premier King, Superior Suite,Deluxe Suite, Double Queen and Family Suite. Guest can do booking throughonline or walk in. Rooms are in different price with different rate.

The ratesof the rooms are weekday rate, weekend rate, public holiday rate and peakseason rate.B)    HousekeepingGolden Roof Hotel hasprovided housekeeping to all customers. Customer can request for room cleaningwhen they needs.

C)    FacilitiesThe facility that hasbeen provided by Golden Roof Hotel to all guests is Wi-Fi, CCTV, 24-Hoursecurity and parking.D)    ConferenceHallThe Golden Roof HotelConference hall offers a flexible space with stylish business environmentswhich cater to all business needs. Customer can booking conference hall formeeting uses, event or celebration uses.E)     MembershipGuest can apply normal membership or VIPmembership to enjoy more benefits offered. Member can check in a room withmember rate such as 10% discount or addition 5% discount when taking apromotion package. Besides that, normal member also can get 30% discount duringthe birthday month while VIP member can get a complementary room duringbirthday month.

 Role of Production ManagementA)    InterpersonalRolesAs a production manageror employees, he needs to have a good relationship with other people. Forexample, front desk should have a good manner when invitation with customer. B)    InformationalRolesAs a production manageror employees, he needs to give good and correct information to customer. Forexample, front desk should give the correct information to customer and avoidmaking any mistake when doing check in, payment, extending and checking out.C)    DecisionalRolesAs a production manager, he needs to dothe right decision for every issue. For example, a manager should always make agood decision or conclusion for all issues. Manager should always make surethat there are no mistakes or reduce the mistake which make by other employees.For example, manager should give warning such as verbal warning when a staffmake a mistake.

 Quality ControlQuality is the consistent delivery ofservice that meets the standards set by the owners of Golden Roof Hotel. Guestsexpect quality service and reward it with the loyalty and referrals. Whenguests know they can expect to receive the same level of service every timethey visit, its means Golden Roof Hotel have achieved effective qualitymanagement. To have a good control in quality, Golden Roof Hotel should:-A)    Startswith Good HiringDuring a hiringprocess, Golden Roof Hotel should have strict policies that required hiringmanagers to closely check references and place new hires on probation for aperiod of time. B)    EmbracesAll Staff MembersEmployees in GoldenRoof Hotel are all expected to provide exceptional customer service. From thehousekeep to the front desk, maintenance staff and operation manager mustundergo continuing training and mentoring to remember their mantras.C)    ShowUp in the ProfitsProfits in Golden RoofHotel are directly related to the number of rooms that are filled every day.

Occupancy rates are the most important indicator for profitability. Forexample, Golden Roof Hotel will full house during school holiday and publicholiday season.D)    Orientedto SolutionManager should bepractical and creative in solving customer and staff problems as they arise inorder to maintain a quality of Golden Roof Hotel. For example, operationmanager should settle all the problem such as overbook, duplicated check in or maintenanceproblem in a short period.         FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DEFINITIONFinancialmanagement is an area of financial decision making, harmonizing individualmotives and accomplished the goals.

As such it deals with the situations thatrequire selection of specific assets, the selection of specific liability orcombination of liabilities as well as the problem of size and growth of anenterprise.   SOURCE OF INCOMEa)     InvestmentInfocusing on your wealth management goals, investment income is very important.A typical long-term portfolio might produce about half its return as income andthe other half as capital growth.

In this low-interest rate climate, somesources of income have become expensive and can be disappointing against yourspending needs. Thegolden roof hotel take some strategies roles for overseeing the group’sobjectives, direction, productivity, services, quality and long term of thebusiness. b)    CustomersCustomersare very important for every business. The customer base is the group whopurchase the goods or services of a business. The customer is a main source ofrevenue for a company. The customer base can make growth and innovationdifficult. Golden roofhotel has goal the people, they believe that people it means “customer” hastheir assets for their business.          ROLE OF FINANCIALMANAGEMENT1)     Forecastingof Cash Flow.

 This is necessary for the successful day today operations of the business so that it can discharge its obligations as andwhen they rise. In fact, it involves matching of cash inflows against outflowsand the manager must forecast the sources and timing of inflows from customersand use them to pay the liability.       2)     Managingthe Flow of Internal Funds Here the Manager has to keep a track of thesurplus in various bank accounts of the organisation and ensure that they areproperly utilised to meet the requirements of the business. This will ensurethat liquidity position of the company is maintained intact with the minimumamount of external borrowings. 3)      To Facilitate Pricingof Product, Product Lines and Services The Financial Manager can supply importantinformation about cost changes of production and the profit margins needed tocarry on the business successfully. 4)     ManagingAssetsThefunction of asset management focuses on the decision-making role of thefinancial manager.

Finance personnel meet with other officers of the firm andparticipate in making decisions affecting the current and future utilization ofthe firm’s resources. As an example, managers may discuss the total amount ofassets needed by the firm to carry out its operations. They will determine thecomposition or a mix of assets that will help the firm best achieve its goals. ASSETS AND LIABILITIESi)                   AssetsInfinancial accounting, an asset is an economic resource. Anything tangible orintangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held bya company to produce positive economic value is an asset. Simply stated, assetsrepresent           value of ownershipthat can be converted into cash. The Golden Roof Hotel have own      assets.

Golden Roof Hotel has five branchin Malaysia which is Ipoh, Sunway IpohCity, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, and SeriIskandar. Golden Roof Hotel Ipoh features 80 rooms, with a wide selectionof room types. ii)                 LiabilitiesInfinancial accounting, a liability is defined as the future sacrifices ofeconomic benefits that the entity is obliged to make to other entities as aresult of past transactions or other past events, the settlement of which mayresult in the transfer or use of assets, provision of services or otheryielding of economic benefits in the future.  MARKETINGMANAGEMENTDefinitionMarketers defined marketing as puttingthe right product in the right place, right price and right time. It developsthe hotel for further development and creates a positive image to customers.4 P’sA)    Product/ServiceIn Golden Roof Hotel,the product that sold to customers is the service which can fulfil the needfrom customers when staying in the hotel. A good service that provide tocustomers will make them feel satisfactoriness when they left the hotel and willgive a positive brand image to them.

B)    PriceThe pricedeterminations that fix by hotel will affect the profit margin, supply, demandand marketing strategy of hotel. A cheap or reasonable price can get theattraction of many customers. C)    PlaceA well location withmany facilities around it can attract customers come have a stay at the hotel.Golden Roof Hotel had surrounding by many facilities such as Clinic 1 Malaysia,badminton hall, gym and others. D)    PromotionPromotion can pass to customers throughadvertising, social media and public relations which can promote hotel toworldwide.

Hotel organizes some promotional activities to attract thecustomers.      Role of marketing management        I.           Maximizing revenue ofhotel Marketingdepartment has to increase income or revenue of hotel. They organize somepromotional activities such as member day which give discount for the memberfor staying in hotel. Marketing manager need to coordinate marketing andpromotional activities which occur in the hotel to get more customers.      II.           Development of hotelMarketingdepartment develop hotel through different programme to increase occupancy andmake profit by its accommodation, leisure facilities and meeting. Marketingcollect opinions that make from customers and understand want of customers tomake change for improvement of hotel.

   III.           Build good brand nameof hotelMarketingmanager is responsible to create a good brand name and image for hotel throughreputation for serving customers. They need to make sure every customer can getthe best service when they staying in the hotel.   IV.           Have a goodrelationship and corporate with every department in hotel Theyneed to corporate well with every department for the effectiveness of doinganything such as management information system (MIS). They promote hotel bycreate a webpage so that customers can know the details about hotel throughinternet which need help from MIS department.                     Marketing Strategies1.      PromotionstrategyThey use promotionstrategy by doing promotional activities such as staying one week in hotel willfree one more day without charging the fees for that day.

2.      ProductstrategyThey use productstrategy which is service strategy by provide different type of service to fulfilneed of customers such as morning call, room service and others. 3.      PricestrategyThe pricing strategy isused by there was a cheapest price compare with normal price when you having astay in hotel in the weekdays expect the weekend and public holidays. 4.      DistributionstrategyThey use distribution strategy byopening few outlets at different place such as in Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Kangsarand Seri Iskandar.              Humanresource Management(HRM)DefinitionA standout amongst the most importantdepartment of any hotel staff is HRM.

Appropriate HRM can be the distinctionbetween an extremely well run hotel and an inadequately one hotel. The humanresources manager can control nearly the entire feeling and nearness of thewhole hotel. This makes the significance of HRM for hotels exceptionallyapparent A)    The important of HumanResource Management  There are a few unique regions in which HRM isimportant. One of these zones is for recently procured workers. Therepresentatives that are employed in a hotel can truly change the nature ofadministration and the entire climate of the hotel. This implies it isimportant to pick perky, committed labourer for each position. It is theactivity of the human resources manager to ensure that great individuals areworked in the hotel.

Much of the time numerous hotel labourer are justpartaking in hotel work since they can discover nothing else to do. Not a lotof individuals have a fantasy of running or serving in a hotel domain.Notwithstanding, there are a few people who would like to work in that limit,and it is the activity of the human resources manager to discover thoseindividuals.  B)    The issue of HumanResource Management The issue of representative movement and advancementis likewise another expansive issue for the hotel business. The significance ofHRM for hotels is demonstrated around there. Hotels which give approaches torepresentatives to progress in position, or that give preparing to workers sothey can pick up aptitudes essential for a propelled position are important tothe standard for dependability of representatives. It is anything but difficultto actualize administrations of this nature and the cost is unimportantcontrasted with the cost and time important to continually discover new workersto supplant the ones that dependably leave soon after being contracted.  C)    The relationshipbetween HRM and employees/workerThe significance of HRM for hotels is likewiseimportant in the territory of worker administrations.

In the event that therepresentatives know they can go to the human resources manager at whateverpoint they have an issue or issue then it is less demanding for them to work ingreat heart. Numerous human resources offices execute diverse recreations andexercises to make the workplace additionally fascinating and a good time forrepresentatives. There are a wide range of administrations that a humanresources manager can consider to help worker assurance.

Possibly the hotelcould actualize a keeping an eye on, or have a recreation center dayconsistently. These little administrations go far towards making gladrepresentatives. Cheerful representatives make upbeat organizations and gladcustomers.  D)   WhyHRM is the best for a hotelAs should be obvious, the significance HRM forhotels is extremely extraordinary.

There are a great many ways that a humanresources manager can influence a hotel to run all the more easily and all themore productively. There are various zones that can profit by the experienceand direction of a human resources manager. In this way it is important to notundermine the manager’s significance. Without the human resources manager ahotel isn’t the same or as satisfying to customers and workers.           Managementof Information System(MIS)SoftwaresystemGolden Roof Hotel using two type ofsoftware system, they are management information systems and transactionprocessing system. Management information system is giveinformation required by the hotel for appropriate management of employee andthe offices. Transaction processing system is permitsbusiness transactions including the collection, retrieval, and modification oftransaction information. InformationTechnologyGolden Roof Hotel using three type ofTechnology such as:-v  SmartcardØ  Toenter the room guest have to use smartcardv  TextingConciergeØ  Guestrequests their needs to staff through a smartphone.

v  HighSpeed InternetØ  Provideguests with access to high speed internet service as fast as the internet thatguests use at house. Therole of MISThe role of the MIS in an organizationcan be contrasted with the part of heart in the body. The data is the blood andMIS is the heart. In the body the heart assumes the part of providingunadulterated blood to every one of the components of the body including themind. The heart work quicker and supplies more blood when required. It directsand controls the approaching debased blood, handled it and sends it to the goalin the amount required.

It satisfies the necessities of blood supply to humanbody in typical course and furthermore in emergency. The framework guaranteesthat a suitable information is gathered from the different sources, preparedand send further to all the penniless goals. The framework is required tosatisfy the data needs of an individual, a gathering of people, the managementfunctionaries and best management. Effectivenessof MISMIS assumes an imperative part in theorganization makes an effect on the organization’s capacities, execution andefficiency.

The effect of MIS on the capacities is in its administration with adecent MIS bolsters the administration of marketing, finance, production andhuman resource turns out to be more proficient. The chief is kept alarm bygiving certain data showing and likely patterns in the different parts ofbusiness. The administrator’s consideration is purchased to a circumstancewhich is normal in nature, instigating him to make a move or a choice in theissue. Taught data announcing framework makes structure database and a learningbase for every one of the general population in the organization.

The MIS makesanother effect in the organization which identifies with the comprehension ofthe business itself. The MIS starts with the meaning of information, substanceand its traits. It utilizes a lexicon of information, substance, individually,intended for data age in the organization.

There is regular comprehension ofterms and phrasing in the organization acquiring lucidity the correspondenceand a comparative comprehension of an occasion in the organization. The MISrequires a systematization of the business operations for a viable frameworkoutline. This prompts spilling of the operations which confounds the frameworkplan. It improves the organization of the business by getting a teach itsoperations as everyone is required to take after and utilize frameworks andsystems 


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