Introduction six elements to build a brand identity

IntroductionWith today’s culture of changing fads and instantgratification, cut throat completion and ever changing markets it is importantfor organizations to stand out from the rest and create a picture of theirbrand in the customer’s mind.

Increase in completion, technology use and betterinformed customers, it is necessary that businesses should make an impact onthe target audience.Many businesses are unable to integrate theirmarketing efforts to leave a lasting impact on the customer. Many a times theirefforts keep the customers guessing about the brand. Thus, Integrated MarketingCommunications is an important step to create a better awareness of the brandin the consumer’s mind set. It can be used as an important tool to synchronizeall the marketing efforts into a single direction.Brand identity andJNK PrismA brand identity is face of a business and forms acomplex relation with the customers. It is everything that the customersperceive the company stands for and crates a consistency and loyalty.

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The imageprojected to public must be consistent with brand identity. In the year of1992, Professor Jean-Noel Kapferer introduced a model for brand identity. Itshowed six elements to build a brand identity and strengthen it using thetraits.

  FCBGridFCB grid is based on the fact that leftand right side of brain are working differently and perform different task i.e.rational thinking and other part is more towards feelings and emotions. FCBGrid Model is used for understating what kind of advertising is suitable forwhich category. The classification is done on should the advertising berational informative or emotional feel.

How the target audience behave (buyingbehaviour)? What are the motivations for buying? What kind of need is fulfilledby the buying? FCB grid classifies the advertising into 4quadrants. On Y axis is has the factor involvement while buying (HighInvolvement or Low Involvement) whereas on X axis it has Thinking or Feeling asthe two extremes. IMC in IndiaCurrently, India is one ofthe favourite markets around the world. Its popularity is increasing due thefact that the disposable income of the middle class is increasing. Thepopulation is getting more tech-savvy and informed. However, the issue is thatthe customers in India are fragmented in nature.

And with the frequent changesin the large geographical area, it has resulted in a rather problematicdistribution system. Plus, the cultural diversity makes it even more difficultto market the goods. Being a protected economy for a long period of time,companies had less completion and did not focus more in integratedcommunication channels for marketing.Today businesses arespending money not only on products but on understanding what exactly the consumerexpectation and needs are and coming up with campaigns to satisfy those painpoints. After this, the biggest importance of IMC is to understand how tocreate and distribute the advertisements so that they reach the right audienceat the right time and right place. Companies are looking at a ‘GLOCAL’ conceptto examine the demographics, cultural and social factors of the Indianpopulation.


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