Introduction attitudes, opinion and interests. Psychographics divides the


This study is about the
demographics and psychographics analysis of the cinema audience. The
demographics elements are visible elements of an individual. They are not based
on person`s attitudes, opinion and interests. Psychographics divides the market into groups based on
social class, lifestyle and personality characteristics. It is based on the
assumption that the types of product and brands an individual purchases will
reflect that person characteristics and patterns of living.

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psychographics elements dictate the person’s inclination toward the selection
of content and how they perceived the social environment around them.

media, advertising and television industries used the demographic element to
place the advertisement in the relevant spot. They mostly want to cater the
young demographic profile of the target audience. But with the advent of
celluloid among the masses, the choices to change the content now rest with the
psychographic elements. Because people inclination towards a particular content
can enhance the revenue for the producers. The films are the depiction of the
social forms that have taken a definite shape



The demographics information is
used in media marketing to classify an audience into age, gender, race, marital
status, household income, education.

        Mainstreamers seek security. They tend
to be domestic, conformist, conventional, sentimental-favor value for money and
family brands. Aspires seek status. They are materialistic, acquisitive, oriented
to image and appearance, persona and fashion. This group includes typically
younger people. Succeeders seek control. They have strong goals, confidence,
work ethic and organization. This group includes higher management and
professionals. The Resigned group seeks survival. They are rigid and
authoritative oriented values. They are interested in past and tradition.
Typically includes the older people. The explorer seeks discovery. They
possessed high energy, individualism and experience. They value difference and
adventure. Typically a younger demographic. The strugglers seek escape. They
are alienated and disorganized. Few resources beyond physical skills. They used
to buy alcohol, junk food, lottery tickets. They fall in lower demographics.
The reformers seek enlightenment. They enhance their personal growth and
freedom to restrictions. They can make independent judgment and socially aware.
They are anti-materialistic but aware of good taste.


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