Into discovering something new. If humans are

Into Outer Space The feel of achievement, accomplishment, and excitement filled the air when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. The news and idea of humans on the moon was out of this world, but this life changing event costed lots of money.

If the government decided to not pay for that mission, it would have taken much longer for us to get that far. Some started to come to a decision to stop the government from funding manned space missions. The government should fund manned space missions because they can expand knowledge of space and improve living on Earth.Currently, scientists take the limited option and send only machines into space instead of humans for missions.

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Information is collected and the work is done, but “machines are only capable of doing only what they have been instructed to do” (“The Human”). Machines will not accomplish more than required for more research which can result to create a major delay and missing out on opportunities of discovering something new. If humans are sent into space to complete missions, “the human mind … would think and make changes to experiments” to improve the mission and explore for further knowledge (“The Human”). Humans can view the surroundings around them in space with their own eyes instead of relying on a machines’ eyes.

Furthermore, scientists can get a better understanding where our Earth stands. Currently, we have a rough idea, but there is still more to discover. Scientists would know how and where to keep a life from perishing in space if there are more manned missions to learn from. In the past, “the machines did a great job” and scientists did learn from the data collected (“The Human”).

However, “the human will, spirit, and experience … led us to a better understanding of the moon” (“The Human”).Sending astronauts into space can also improve the living on Earth. Scientists need to research and come up with many ways to create equipment to keep a man healthy and alive in space. Some equipment and “spaceflight-related problems can help people suffering from related health problems on Earth” and improve necessities (“The Human”). Innocent “children who are born without sweat glands are unable to regulate their body temperature” (“The Human”).

However, the “space suit technology created to protect astronauts from the vacuum of space is also used to protect the children born without sweat glands” (“The Human”). The development of rockets “in the area of aeronautics resulted a positive balance of trade item for America which are airplanes” (Halvorson). The trade item of airplanes benefited America in ways of transportation. Astronauts can also view and experience conditions in space and other planets to discover and think of new ways of how to improve life on Earth. Ultimately, scientists can understand the Earth better if astronauts are sent into space to get a better understanding of other planets.Others may argue that funding manned spaceflight is a waste of money because the “space program is unable to accomplish anything except spend money the federal government doesn’t have” (Zimmerman). However, funding space missions actually increase the survival of our planet.

An increase of pollution, global warming, or decrease in food sources could affect life on Earth dramatically. The chances of survival are improved when “scientists take everything that they learn and do and make life better here on Earth” (Halvorson). In the case of a crisis, funding space missions now could reduce the cost in the future. Manned space missions should be funded because scientists can expand knowledge of space and improve living on Earth. When scientists learn more about space, they can start identifying problems on our planet. Identifying these problems can teach humans of how to prevent further damage to the environment.

Astronauts viewing and experiencing the actions and activity results of learning more than looking through a machine and collecting data from programed machines sent into space. Some equipment made for space-related missions can also help people on Earth. Therefore, support funding manned space missions to give scientists and astronauts the chance to explore for the better good of humanity.


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