Initial more than 60 people in India

Initial investigations have revealed that unsolicited calls were made to foreigners who were lured  into making payments for speedy loan approvals, tax rebates, credit rating upgrades, and online lotteries.New Delhi (Sputnik) — Police in Gurugram — the IT hub of north India, have busted a fake call center racket in which thousands of foreigners,  mostly Americans were defrauded to the tune of millions of dollars.Though the exact number of people duped and the sum of money extracted were not known till now, police said around 500 employees, working at these call centres, used to contact 4,000-5,000 ‘customers’ — mostly based in America, Australia and the UK — daily.

hundreds of youngsters for posing as officers of the US tax office and cheating people out of hundreds of millions of dollars.The police sector in India is susceptible to corruption and can thus carry high risks for businesses.Three-quarters of surveyed households in India perceive the police to be corrupt and citizens frequently encounter bribery demands when dealing with officers.Instances of security officials being held accountable for misconduct were reported throughout 2015, notwithstanding, impunity was widespread at all levels of the institutionthe U.S. Justice Department charged more than 60 people in India and the United States with participating in the huge scam where call center agents impersonated Internal Revenue Service, immigration or other federal officials and demanded payments for non-existent debts.

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U.S. and Indian authorities have been working together on the investigation. The United States had said it would be seeking the extradition of the alleged scamsters based in India. The Corruption in India is all pervasive; leaving no section of life untouched.

Corruption is spread over in the society in several forms. Of these, the major forms are: bribe (money offered in cash or kind or gift as inducement to procure illegal or dishonest action). There are about forty ways of embezzlement; what is realized earlier is entered later on; what is realized later is entered earlier; what ought to be realized is not realized. It is possible to mark the movements of birds flying high up in the sky, but it is not possible to ascertain the secret movements of government servants”. The ancient lineage of corruption in India sanctioned by tradition is evident by these words of Kautilya, the author of ‘Arthashastra’ provide an important clue to the character of a political regime.3 India is no longer considered a soft state as political scientists once used to call it.

It has now become a kleptocracy, a consideration state, where everything to be had can be had for a consideration. The police Department is said to be the most corrupt department where bribes are taken by constables upwards to high status officers. What is surprising is that the police take money both from the accused and the complainants.

The powers enjoyed by the police are so wide that they can accuse, arrest, and harass even an honest person.


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