Individuals with washing their bath towels than

Individuals havethe tendency to neglect the idea and action of washing their bath towels on a routinebasis. Many use the same towel for far too many times/days before washing them.They fail to consider the small dead skin cells, fungi, urinary &/or fecalsecretions, and toilet droplets that have the ability to loiter around thebathroom and eventually accumulate on their bath towel. In Charles Gerba’sarticle, he and colleagues detected the action of specific bacteria and virusesdwindling and settling onto surfaces in bathrooms after flushing the toilet andthat theses bacteria and viruses are able to remain in the air long enough tofeasibly settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom (Gerba, 1975). Bath towelsare ideal grounds for the replication process for bacteria; this is becausethey attain the various requirements for bacteriological life to grow andprosper (oxygen, H2O, and warm to moderate temperatures).

By examining the bacteriathat are embedded in our bath towels, I hope to demonstrate that individualsshould become more diligent with washing their bath towels than they are now.To show the specific bacteria that end up on their towels after they flush thetoilet, dry off their faces, bodies, and hands off after washing themthroughout the day.            Slimto none have studied the bacteria that grow on bath towels specifically, but thereis suggestion from a study that is not yet published that states that researchersfound that our bath towels are tainted with 90% of coliform bacteria and 14% ofE. coli bacteria.

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With this, I became inclined to investigate these two specificbacteria. With different environments, hygienic upholds, and times of usage, I believethat coliform and E. coli bacteria will show up on my participants bath towelsafter seven days of use. 


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