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In the book Forged by Fire there is many problems taking place in the book. One of them being child abuse. Two of the characters from this story experience child abuse. They get really hurt and then one of the kids has enough. Gerald decides to inform someone he is being abused along with his younger sister. I will be researching the types of laws in Ohio and the information that is under the category Child Abuse. These are some statistics from Ohio state that were found about abusing. First stated in the facts sheet Ohio’s Children 2015,”The number of child victims has decreased 11.9% in comparison to the number of victims in 2009.” Then due to their solution so kids do not get abused, they respond whether  it is a small or big abuse situation. For example, a small abuse situation would be considered when a child is being verbally abused. An example of a big abuse situation is when you make physical contact. Just like stated in Ohio’s Children 2015,”Ohio responds to lower risk, higher safety reports through alternative response services to address family issues. 31,642 reports were responded to in this way in 2013.” This is how Ohio responds to child abuse.One thing that goes under the category is Child Endangerment and Abandonment. This is when the child is left alone and the guardian is nowhere to be found. Like stated in the article, What Is Child Abandonment in Ohio?,”A child may be abandoned if the identity or location of the parents, guardians or custodians is unknown.” In the book an example is when Monique leaves to do drugs with someone. She abandoned Gerald for hours just to do drugs. The parent’s addiction also affects the child. A child without a guardian to care for them will usually get involved in some sort of criminal activity. This is one way the child gets  affected. In the article Child Abuse Statistics and Facts,”Two thirds of children who experience child abuse & neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity.” In the book Gerald is abandoned more than 9 times and thankfully he was that one third that didn’t do anything illegal. Now like stated above there are more different types of abuse. There are three types of abuse. They are emotional abuse or emotional neglect,physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Why do people abuse kids and/or adults? People abuse kids or adults because their parents’ lack of understanding of children’s needs and child development, parents’ history of domestic abuse, family disorganization, dissolution, and violence, including intimate partner violence, and etc. Monique didn’t know what to do with Gerald that is why I think she left him because she probably didn’t know what to do so she ignored him. The abuse also comes from her partner Jordan. He abuses Monique, Gerald, and Angel. The way they could stop this is by telling someone that they are being abused. Gerald did that when he went to the middle school and that was where he told a kid’s parent, Mr.Washington. Mr.Washington told the police and they rushed to the apartment to arrest Jordan. Some resources are” They can also recommend a therapist and provide the necessary information for investigators and doctors may also testify in court to obtain legal protection for the child or to help criminally prosecute an individual suspected of engaging in child sexual abuse,” stated in the article Child Abuse. After an abuse like stated above, two thirds of children who experience child abuse & neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity.     So as you can see people abuse kids and adults in many different ways. Also a lot of the abuse that takes place happens in the the book Forged by Fire. There are many different abuses going on in the world every second. There is nothing anyone can do unless the victim tells someone they are being abused. Abuse will continue to happen if victims of abuse do not speak up or learn to identify the different types of abuse that could be possibly affecting their lives.


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