In developed to meet the business requirements.

In the context human resource is competition, interestingand promising. However, HR is regarded as a true profession and is properlyconsidered in companies. In this week, I will be with you in depth to learnabout HR and human development potential.According to Dessler: Human resources are policies, methods,systems that directly affect attitudes, behaviors and employee’s performance inthe workplace.

HR is the bridge between workers and employers. This is toensure that legal requirements are properly applied and that human resourcesare developed to meet the business requirements. Doing the job well, means youhave done a great job of protecting the interests of both parties.

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Ø Group management activities: organizationaldesign; job design; human resource planning; selection and arrangement of humanresources; monitor and manage the work.Ø Development activities: training and developmentof personnel; organizational development and professional development.In general, the specific work of the Human Resource Management(HRM) is:·        Recruitment·        Training Employees; Plan employee development·        Connect employees·        Performance Management·        Salary, bonus and benefitsHowever, to support the business strategy this job isflexible depending on the position and requirements of the company. HR Personneldivided into a lot of small positions, you can choose for yourself a suitableposition these positions usually operate independently. Every workingenvironment has positive and negative employees that affect the morale ofeveryone, especially the team that they belong to. Most of the time, thesepeople do not make big mistakes for people to pay attention to themselves, eventhey often do good job.Example: Some managers believe that if they start the storywith a compliment, the issue will be talked more easily.

But stories withbeginners like “You’ve done a great job, but …” and then say the shortcomingsof the staff just makes them feel angry.

Therefore, consider using the word”and” instead of “however” or “but” in yourspeech. Conversation can be easier when you say, “You have done a prettygood job and we need to talk more about showing more respect to ourcustomers.”In this discussion, we focus on the general overview of HR.Later, we will analyze the specific positions in the industry to help readershave insight into the industry has shared and provided information about theindustry.


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